July 25, 2021

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World War One Rolls

Wallan Wallan’s World War One Honour Rolls

Our World War One volunteers are recognised by having their names inscribed on the various district Honour Rolls and War Memorials. Many names were not included. Some volunteers may have had their names inscribed on other memorials and honour rolls.

Most men and women who enlisted can be found on the websites of the National Archives of Australia, the Australian War Memorial, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and various websites created to recognise the Centenary of World War One.

In addition to the Wallan War Memorial, there are four honour rolls. Three are located today in Wallan – at the Hall, Presyterian Church and Wallan Public School. And the other is part of the Shire of Broadmeadows Roll of Honour board, which was published in the Kilmore Free Press on 24 July 1919, page 3. These rolls are listed below together with basic information extracted from the National Archives of Australia website relating to the service documents of those who volunteered to serve overseas during World War One.

Please appreciate that some names on the lists could not be identified. At the end of this page there is a list of other local Wallan Wallan volunteers whose names do not appear in the below lists and not on the War Memorial. They were found in the records of the National Archives of Australia.`

If any reader considers someone should be included in these lists or can provide information please use the comment form below. Our apologises for any errors and omissions. 

World War One – Honour Rolls – Wallan Wallan

Wallan State School

Kilmore Free Press

Thursday, 4 December, 1919

“The good folks of Wallan generally do things in the best style, and the function of unveiling the roll of honor there on Friday afternoon was no exception to the rule. Everything passed of there most harmoniously, and inasmuch as all concerned in carrying out the arrangements did their work so very well, it would be invidious to particularise. The speeches were appropriate to the occasion, and the abundance of refreshments, gracefully handed round by the ladies, materially added to the success of a function at which the school pupils proved interested participants. The event should certainly remain an important one in their memory.”

Presbyterian Church

Kilmore Free Press

Thursday, 27 May 1920

“Honor Roll

The Presbyterian Church at Wallan was crowded on Saturday afternoon on the occasion of unveiling the handsome honor roll presented by Mrs A Macleod, of “Macsville”, whose characteristally generous act met with the highest approval.

After brief prayer by the minister of the congregation, Rev W Fitzgerald, and hymns by the choir,

Colonel-Chaplain McRae Stewart, in appropriate manner, performed the ceremony of unveiling the honor board by solemn and touching prayer.

The honor board is as follows :-

The above list on the left is the same that appears on the Honour Board, except Buthen, Jas is Bracken, Jas on the Board.

Wallan Wallan Hall

Two plaques with the same heading.

Shire of Broadmeadows Roll of Honour

Kilmore Free Press, 24 July 1919, page 3

Additional Names

Additional names of local Wallan Wallan volunteers, who are not included on the the lists above and not on the Wallan Wallan War Memorial, who have a connection to Wallan Wallan and district.

Ash, Stanley Roy, SN 1242, 38th Batt, KIA

Cadwallader, Claudine Estelle, Sister, Army Nursing Service

Cameron, Duncan, SN 162, 3rd Pioneer Batt

Chapman, John, SN 2386, Depot

Clements, Allan George Alexander, SN 593, 10th Machine Gun Company

Currie, John Edward, SN 3077, 5th Machine Gun Batt

Darlington, Archibald Edward, SN 4781, Depot

Darlington, George Sydney, SN 834, 31st Batt

Dunlop, John Sydney, SN 2136, 39th Batt

Foster, Norman Thomas, SN 2087, 44th Batt

Hare, Gerald Patrick, SN 9345, 4th Field Artillery Brigade

Harrison, Edward Andrew, SN 7791, 2nd Tunnelling Company

Hawke, Albert Thomas, Depot

Heywood, Charles William, DCM, SN 32, 4th Light Horse Reg

Jones, Albert Ernest, SN 2932, 37th Batt

McBain, John Sween, Depot

Neelands, Samuel Barton, SN 3600, 4th Pioneer Batt

Noonan, Morris William, Lieut, 58th Batt

Olsson, William Frederick, SN 2395, 1st Pioneer Batt

Patton, James Russell, SN 3118, 7th Batt

Roach, David, SN 2247, 53rd Batt, KIA

Smith, Albert, SN 3456, 1st Pioneer Batt

Smith, Christopher John, SN 1347, 24th Batt

Williams, Alfred Ernest, SN 2839, 23rd Batt

Wilson, William Styles, SN 5653 & 3410, Depot

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