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Wandong FC (1893 season)

Wandong FC join the North-Eastern Football Association 1893

A brief resume on the North-Eastern Football Association is that this competition existed from between 1891-1896 and the 1899-1912 seasons.  In its 20 season existence 10 teams (Tallarook, Seymour, Avenal, Broadford, Nagambie, Benalla, Yea, Longwood, Euroa and Kilmore ) entered for at least five seasons.

Seymour were the only club to play in every season with Avenal and Broadford entering on 18 occasions.  Tallarook were the most successful team winning 5 premierships (1891, 1892,1893,1894 and 1906) and they also shared another premiership with Yea (1896) after drawn Final.  Seymour were the next best successful club winning 5 premierships (1899, 1902, 1905, 1910 and 1912), whilst also being Runners-Up on an unfortunate 9 occasions.

The Alexandra FC were the only club ever to unsuccessfully apply for admittance into the NEFA.

Then there was the club that played in the NEFA for one brief season, more on this clubs brave formation and fortune to follow further on…….

In 1913 the North-Eastern Football Association combined with the Waranga Football Association (formed in 1904) to form the Waranga North-East Football Association.  This new Association was to survive until the end of the 1976 season when due to insufficient teams remaining (five teams in – Alexandra, Broadford, Mansfield, Thornton and Yea), League was finally disbanded.  Several clubs had left the WNEFA to join neighbouring Associations/Leagues over the years. Yea won the WENFA last flag in 1976 when it defeated Mansfield in the Grand-Final.


Taking a brief look at the formative years of competition play and the frequent low scoring matches.  It was a time when football skills were at times very rudimentary, it was difficult to kick the ball long distances and as such the  ball was often kicked straight up in the air, with large packs of players subsequently forming underneath.  

In the early years scores were frequently low, and results survive of either team scoring a goal, and of even of matches where neither team scored at all.  As late as 1914 in the neighbouring Bourke-Evelyn Association Final finished with the Final scores of Mernda 0-5 to Arthurs Creek 0-0……………!

Another point regarding early football matches was that only the goals counted towards a team total score, many drawn matches were subsequently played (assisted by the frequently low scores).  Points/Behinds however were often recorded in the final scores with no value in them other than a team claiming a drawn match ‘in their favour’ if they had indeed score more behinds that the opposition.  It was not until 1878 that Behinds were recorded in any football matches, and it was as late as 1897 before the Laws of the game stipulated that Behinds were to be recognised in the total score of all games played.  Although there were some matches played after this time that still only counted the goals scored.  On the other side the were also many matches played before this time weather in competition play or in just social matches affairs whereby the Behinds were recognised Behinds in the final score.


This story will endeavour to bring alive the vision of one teams fortune from their single season in which they entered the North–Eastern Football Association of which the nucleus of the teams came from both the north and east of Tallarook (Broadford and Kilmore being the only other ‘southern’ clubs), from a winter that is now from some 127 years ago.  This team did not enter a small local District competition which were still 11 years away (1904) from becoming a reality.  They chose to compete against townships that likely the players did not know a sole from in many instances.  True Kilmore and Broadford were neighbouring clubs, but that was about it as the core of the Association was from the Seymour District.  This research has been put together with extremely limited records and sources on which to rely on.


Early references to football at Wandong


The earliest recorded match involving Wandong that has been found per this research dates from 18 August 1877 when Kilmore defeated a Combined Wandong/Moranding team (captained by Cameron of Wandong  & Seymour of Moranding) by 3 goals to nil.  Given that this was a Combined team it is indeed possible that the two teams had previously played against each other, but nothing was recorded in the local Press. A feature of the match detailed however was the Kilmore third goal when a 50 yard kick by W Hardy that ‘placed the ball between the goal posts’.  Best for Wandong/Moranding were Seymour, Cameron and McMannus. 

22 Sept 1877 at Kilmore a Wandong XIV captained by C Cameron met a Moranding XIX.  After half time Wandong obtained 3 more players and Moranding  a further additional player– bringing the team numbers to XVII against XX. Moranding scored a goal in each half to win the match by 2 goals to nil.

29 Sept 1877 Kilmore XX 2 goals defeated Moranding/Wandong (captained by M Seymour) nil.  Best for the losers were Cameron, McManus, Schubert and McLeod


The following year (1878) the Wandong team Combined with Wallan Wallan, the latter which also played its own games as Wallan Wallan during the season beginning with a 25 May home game against Gippsland team Warrigul (as spelt).

KFP 25 July 1878

20 July 1878 a Combined Wallan Wallan/Wandong XX team were beaten by Tallarook XX  by 2 goals to nil.  The match was played in one of Mr Fox paddocks about half a mile distant from the Tallarook township. The Combined team were captained by J Cameron.


10 Jul 1879 the Tallarook team with only seventeen players again visited Wallan Wallan (captained by Munro), and to their credit they played out a scoreless draw against a full strength local team of twenty players – though the visitors did apparently score more behinds…….!. 

19 July 1879 the Hotham Seconds played a combined team from Seymour/Tallarook/Wallan Wallan/Euroa/Kilmore. The Hotham team winning by 2 goals to 1.  The result appeared to surprise the country team as they had selected the best Twenty obtainable from the North-Eastern District. Quite possibly the better Wandong footballers would have also been considered for this fixture (possibly under the Wallan Wallan ‘banner’ ?

1880 to 1891

This period is a total blank with the Wandong name not being recorded in any footballing records throughout the 1880s (though the Kilmore Examiner has not been thoroughly researched).  Whilst football at Wallan Wallan is recorded as active in 1884, 1888, 1889 and 1891 seasons.


North-Eastern Football Association (formed 1891)

The KFP reported in Oct 1890 after having beaten Williamtown by 7 goals to 1 that there were conflicting opinions as to which club is entitled to be recognised as ‘premiers’ of the North-Eastern (region), but that nearly all agree that it rested between Kilmore and Tallarook.

The following year (1891) the North-Eastern Football Association was first formed and comprised of eight teams in Avenal, Broadford, Euroa, Kilmore, Longwood, Nagambie, Seymour and Tallarook.  Alexandra were also initially accepted into the new competition but afterwards it was found impossible to play a series of matches against the club on account of the distance.

All teams had the all important railway line passing through or by their townships, which was an essential link in enabling many of the fixtures to be be played – with clubs on occasions hiring special trains or an extra carriage to transport players, supporters and officials to away games.

KFP Thurs 3 September 1891

The only outstanding match of the season after the Final round played on 30  Aug match was the Tallarook vs Seymour match which was later played,  and in which Tallarook won to take the already crowned premiership team three games clear at the top of the table and remained undefeated all season.  The Tallarook club was presented with a silver cup (the EA Richardson trophy), whilst each winning player received a gold medal (from a cash prize of 5 Guineas).   Tallarook went on to win the first four NEFA premierships.

On Thursday 6 September however the KFP ‘deceptively’ printed that Kilmore were playing Tallarook at home in the ‘match for the premiership’. 

Other teams in the inaugural season included Avenal, Broadford, Euroa, Longwood and Nagambie. 

A Challenge was then received from the Yarrawonga Association which was accepted by the NEFA.  In what was at the time regarded as the most important match ever played on the Seymour ground on 26 Sept 1891 only the Avenal and Longwood teams did not field at least one representative.  The Seymour club provided the maroon guernseys (which may well have been the Seymour colours) for the North-East.  The match looked to be heading towards a draw (with goals only counting) when just as the final siren rang Dumphy a Kilmore player took a dubious mark and subsequently goaled, to win the match for the home team 4 goals to 3 .  The actual total final scores were 4-9 to 3-6.  In fairness to the travelling Yarrawonga team had been travelling since 5am and were short of their full team.   


In May 1892 an application was proceeded with a view of getting up a football club at Wandong, and at best in the hope of Combining with Wallan Wallan.  All though appears to have come to nothing.

KFP 9 September 1892

For the second consecutive season the Tallarook were again undefeated all season (in the period 1891-1892 having played 26 matches for 23 wins and 3 draws)

Broadford and Benalla having tied for third place were to have played off on 25 Sept at Seymour.  Benalla however failed to put in an appearance, and Broadford were granted a walkover and official third place.


Wandong FC in the North-Eastern Football Association (1893)

8 April 1893 a Meeting was held at Mr Claytons Rose and Crown Hotel at Merri Merri for the purpose of forming a new football club.  After a little discussion it was decided that the Wandong, Merri Merri* and Wallan Wallan football clubs should amalgamate and establish a new club.  Somewhat strangely however the new club was named the Wandong FC, which may have been reflective maybe the chosen home ground may have been in that township or/and that it may improve their chances of being accepted into the NE Association – being several miles closer to this Associations teams’ than either Merri Merri or Wallan Wallan were.  Election of the Wandong FC Officer Bearers were as follows –

Patron – A Harper

President – J Clayton

Vice Presidents – Messrs. Guthrie and WH Munro

Secretary/Treasurer – HC Brown

Captain – W Burt

The new Wandong team in their only ever season in the NEFA joined a now seven team competition to played over 14 rounds (12 matchesand 2 byes a team) to become the most southerly team ever to play in the NEFA.  The other teams that season were were Avenal, Broadford, Kilmore, Nagambie, Seymour and Tallarook. 

* Merri Merri was actually a small railway reserve that ran parallel to the main railway line, bordering the Munro family farm just to the north of Wallan East.   The Rose and Crown Hotel was sometimes referred to as being in Merri Merri. For a short period of time Merri Merri had also formed a cricket and tennis club.  The talented sporting Munro brothers were at the forefront of its football and cricket clubs in particular.  The Merri Merri cricket team having entered the ambitious East Bourke Cricket Competition which played off for the Gair Trophy in the early months of 1891, playing against Beveridge, Broadmeadows, Epping, Whittlesea and Woodstock.  Merri Merri finished the season in 3rd place.  With all the excitement of a local and well organised competition that it was, sadly to be another eleven summers before another   local competition was organised (1901/02).  The  Munro farm had brick kilns and a sawmill on it and the family had succeeded in persuading the railway authorities to contract a siding on the reserve with loop to both kilns. Bricks were in high demand particularly on the main line duplication and on the branch line to Kilmore and Bendigo. Opened in 1890 local authorities were soon endeavouring to have the Merri Merri siding renamed Merriang (though Merriang itself was a small declining area a couple of miles east of Beveridge tha once boasted a Hotel, Cobb & Co. changing station, at least one store and well as a school and a church).  Though this never eventuated the siding was renamed as Merri Siding (1905), then from 1907 it became Lightwood Siding.  Today the former siding is now under the standard gauge line.  A real community however thrived in this immediate area at this time.

Broadford Courier 14 April 1893

In early May 1893 the local Wandong footballers were recorded as ‘practising assiduously and have determined to gather the coin into their treasury by means of a concert to be given in the local schoolroom at an early date’.

Shortly afterwards Wandong indeed applied and was accepted into the now seven team North–East Association played over 14 rounds (12 matches a team, with no pts awarded for a bye) for 1893 season, to become the most southerly team ever to play in this Association – this was also to prove to be their only ever season in the Association.  The other teams were Avenal, Broadford, Kilmore, Nagambie, Seymour and Tallarook. 

The season commenced on 27 May with Wandong playing at Broadford.  Cups were to be awarded to the first three teams, a concept that was not unusual for the times.  Indeed there are instances of football clubs correctly claiming to have won certain Cups however as the years  elapsed, on occasions it has later been believed that the Cup had been won for actually winning a competition.  It has then only been in more recent times that research has determined some Cups won, were actually for finishing second or third…………………….! 

Whilst the exact scores of every match Wandong played in not known.  It is possible to ascertain how he season unfolded as the progressive ladders each week were printed, and it is therefore possible to determine many results (via the several columns of details for each club.   This thought does not allow for any possibly future protests that may have occurred that were successful and resulted in the ladder later being amended (possibly weeks later) – as indeed it was on several occasions.  Though weather some adjustments were for protest results or previous errors is not known per this research.  It is also possible in many instances to work out if a game was not played, though once again later adjustments many have been made due to one team having actually forfeited the game due to one team not been able to secure a team (which did apply to teams that were drawn to play away on occasions.).

Only goals counted towards the final result of a match, though on occasions Behinds were recorded but not added to the teams total score.  Simply if both teams kicked the same amount of goals the game was a draw……

1893 NEFA Fixture
Broadford Courier Fri 26 May 1893
Poem written before opening game
of season by a Broadford supporter
with ref. to the Wandong team
Broadford Courier Fri 26 May 1893

The ladders are available for every one of the 14 rounds played, and from this even though the scores are not always available it is possible to work out who won each week (inc. forfeits per the goals for and against columns), matches that were drawn (or not played – ie cancelled).  Whilst all the points obtained add up correctly as do the goals scored – for and against – each week, there clearly also appears that amendments were also made to the ladders, with already points obtained later being amended – weather this is through protests or for other reasons is not recorded.  In addition the overall win, loss and draw column figures appear to have been modified for no apparent reason.  Thus as times the actual ladders are a little confusing to digest even after methodically working through each round. However to the association Secretaries credit a final ladder was published at the end of the season – though the composition of how this was arrived at cannot be totally determined per this research.

Wandong could only muster 14 men for their first match of the season and were desirous that the match should have been postponed on account of the weather.  The Broadford captain however did not agree and the matter was left to the central umpire JM McCann, who decided that the ground was fit for play.

So with the umpire not giving a decision one way or another, thus Wandong had been compelled to play, which they did under protest.  The final scores were Broadford 12-12 to Wandong nil, with the vanquished per the Broadford Correspondent reporting that the Wandong players were ‘deserving of great praise for the plucky manner in which they fought against heavy odds throughout the game’.  Best for Wandong were recorded as Hutton, Worley, Brown, Munro (2), Bradley and several others to say the team one and all played a remarkably plucky up hill game.

During the game the umpire had given two free kicks against the Broadford player R Kenny, for breach of the rules, which in his opinion had not been intentional.

However Wandong later protested the result in accusing the player Kenny of ‘cowardly ruffenly and play, which aside the game was positively dangerous’ (with both of the other games having been cancelled). 

At an Association Meeting held at Ryan’s Hotel, Seymour on Tues 29 May it was decided that the matters would be held over until the next meeting, so that the captains and umpire were able to attend.  The Broadford Delegate stated that he was opposed to the consideration of the manner.

Before the meeting closed Messrs. Tristan, Ryan and Collier were appointed as a weather committee, an empowered to cancel matches at 12 noon in the advent of adverse weather.

Broadford Courier Fri 2 June 1893
Broadford Courier Fri 2 June 1893

The Wandong/Broadford protest was not heard until the Tuesday evening after the third round had been played, when the Association Delegates met once again on 13 June at Ryans Hotel in Seymour.  Delegates present were Messrs Tonkin (Avenal, Dorum (Nagambie), MacDongell (Broadford), Millerich (Kilmore), Gullon (Seymour and Association Secretary Howe (Tallarook).  After lengthy discussion it was agreed on the motion of Mr Dorum (Nagambie) ‘that the protest of Wandong against the Broadford team be dismissed.  The protest was regarding R Kenny of Broadford and his ‘on field behaviour’, did not proceed a s the player had not acknowledged the communication sent to him by the Secretary, thus he was compelled to stand down for the next Broadford game.  

Results of games not involving the Wandong team are recorded here as ‘best that is known’ per this research.

Broadford Courier Fri 16 June 1893

Round by Round results for the season –

 Round  Date  H/A  Home
 Score  Visitors Score  Result
 Rd 1 27/5  A Broadford  12-11 Wandong Nil  Lost

Other games –

The other two matches (Kilmore vs Nagambie and Avenal vs Tallarook) were likely cancelled, (or both were drawn as all four teams were awarded 2 pts).

Seymour had the bye

Rd 1 ladder
 RoundDate  H/A Home TeamScore Visitors ScoreResult 
Rd 2 3/6  Wandong 1-4 Seymour 5-4Lost 

Other games –

At Tallarook the home team defeated Broadford by 9 goals to 2

Nagambie claimed the match against Nagambie that did not proceed

Kilmore had the bye

Broadford Courier Fri 16 June 1893 
Rd 2 ladder

Goals For/Against after Rd 2 -Seymour 5-1 Tallarook 9-2 Broadford 14-6 Avenal 3-3 Nagambie 3-3 Kilmore 0-0 Wandong 1-17

 Round Date H/A Home Team ScoreVisitors  Score Result
 Rd 3 10/6 A Tallarook 12 goals Wandong NilLost 

Other games –

At Seymour the home team defeated Kilmore 4 goals to 3

No details available from the game at Broadford against Nagambie

Avenal had the bye

Broadford Courier Fri 16 June 1893
Rd 3 ladder
 Round Date H/A Home Team ScoreVisitors ScoreResult 
 Rd 4 17/6 H Broadford 7 goals Wandong Nil lost

Other games –

Seymour at Avenal won by 3goals to 2

Tallarook at Kilmore won by 4 goals to nil

Nagambie had the bye

Rd 4 ladder

Goals For/Against after Rd 4 – Seymour 12-6, Tallarook 22-2, Broadford 27-10, Avenal 5-6, Nagambie 4-6, Kilmore 3-5, Wandong 1-16

 Round  Date H/A Home team Score Visitors Score Result
 Rd 5 24/6 A Nagambie (won on forfeit) Wandong – Lost
Wandong failed to get a team

Other games –

Tallarook played at Seymour

Kilmore played at Avenal

Broadford had the bye ‘the Wandong footballers enjoy the enviable reputation of having kicked one goal to 36. What a grand and noble thing it is to be a Wandong footballer.  I hear Jack Munro is getting up a team of cripples to play them’

Rd 5 ladder

Goals For/Against after Rd 5 – Seymour 12-6, Tallarook 22-2, Broadford 27-10, Avenal 5-6, Nagambie 4-9, Kilmore 3-5, Wandong 1-36

 Round Date H/A Home Team ScoreVisitors  ScoreResult 
 Rd 6 1/7 H Wandong  2 goals Avenal 4 goals Lost

Other games –

Nagambie lost at Tallarook

Broadford lost at Seymour

Kilmore had the bye

Rd 6 ladder
(half way point in the season)
 Round Date H/A Home TeamScore Visitors  Score Result
 Rd 7 8/7 AKilmore  3 goals Wandong 1 goal Lost

Other games –

Other games –

Seymour likely won at Nagambie

Broadford drew at Avenal

Tallarook had the bye

In what appears to have been a low scoring game, it was also recorded as ‘a rather easy victory to Kilmore’.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-17.png
Rd 7 ladder
(half way point in the season)
 Round Date Team Result
 Rd 8 15/7 Wandong Bye

Other games –

Kilmore lost at Broadford possibly by 3 goals to 1

Avenal possibly won at Tallarook ? (if so likely by 2 goals to nil)

Nagambie lost heavily at Seymour

Rd 8 ladder
 Round Date H/A  Result
 Rd 9 22/7 A Seymour vs Wandong (no details available – likely a forfeit by visitors)* Lost
* given that the For/Against Goals for both Seymour & Wandong after Rd 9
remained the same as the previous Round, it appears certain that Wandong forfeited the match

Other games –

Kilmore played at Nagambie

Tallarook possibly lost at Broadford (6 goals to nil ?) – Tallarook only lost the one game for the season, however are recorded here as possibly having lost the previous weekend as well.  Either there is an error here from one result, or there was a subsequent protest from one of these two games ?

Avenal had the bye

Rd 9 ladder

After Rd 9 Seymour on their likely win over Wandong by Forfeit replaced Tallarook who were defeated by Broadford as the team with the most points (and headed the ladder for the next four rounds).

 Round Date H/A ScoreVisitorsScoreResult
 Rd 10 29/7 Wandong possibly 3 goals ?Tallarook possibly 9 goals ?Lost

Tallarook may have conceded 3 goals to Wandong ?

Likely if published ladder it correct from Rds 9 and 10 Wandong kicked 3 goals and conceded 9 goals over the two matches ?

Other games –

Nagambie likely drew at Avenal

Seymour likely won at Kilmore by 6 goals to 1

Broadford had the bye

Rd 10 ladder
 Round Date H/A Home TeamScoreVisitors  Score Result 
 Rd 11 5/8 Wandong  * Kilmore Won
* no details available – Wandong won the match (likely on Forfeit ?)
as Goals For/Against did not change from the previous round

Other games –

Avenal lost at Seymour by 3 goals to 2

Broadford lost at Nagambie by 2 goals to 1

Tallarook had the bye

Rd 11 ladder
 Round Date H/A Home Team Score VisitorsScore  Result 
 Rd 12 12/8 A Avenal* Wandong  * Lost
* no details available – Avenal won the match (likely on Forfeit ?)
as Goals For/Against did not change from the previous round

Other games –

Seymour lost in high scoring match at Tallarook

Broadford won at Kilmore by _  goals to 1

Nagambie had the bye

Per the Broadford Courier report of 11 Aug –  ‘the team will meet at the Post office at 1.15pm and will proceed to Kilmore by coach, but any players who can secure horses are requested to ride. 

Rd 12 ladder
 Round Date Team Result
 Rd 13 19/8 Wandong Bye

Other games –

Tallarook won at Nagambie by 6 goals to 3

Avenal won at Kilmore by 2 goals to 1

Seymour drew at Broadford 3 goals each

Tallarook on defeating Nagambie drew level on points at the top of the ladder with Seymour, who had drawn against Broadford.

Rd 13 ladder
 Round Date H/A Home Team Score Visitors Score Result
 Rd 14 26/8 HWandong   * Nagambie  * Draw
* match was possibly cancelled, and pts shares (see below)

The final round of the season appear to have been cancelled (possibly by the Weather Committee), Seymour were the bye team.

(with revisions per NEFA)
Broadford Courier Fri 9 September 1893


Per the Final ladder printed two weeks after the season completion, it is almost impossible from available resources to ascertain the result of every match and /or the final score.  The research however will go a long way to unravelling the likely ‘flow of the season’ as the progressed……but certainly is not immune to possible amendment at a later time if additional resources and details ever should become available.   


Wandong only win for the season was a home game against Kilmore (per the above detailed ladder) in Rd 11, however no details of this match appear to have been recorded in the Press.  It is likely that Kilmore actually may have forfeited the match.

Wandong appear to have forfeited three games during the season both away fixtures against Nagambie in Rd 5, Seymour in Rd 9 and Avenal in Rd 12, in addition the final game a home fixture against Nagambie may be not have been played – neither side per the final ladder were awarded any points, but given that several amendments had to be made to the final ladder (where the final pts etc balance), it is still difficult to ascertain the result of his final round match.  If anything it is possible that Wandong may have additionally forfeited this game also……..?. 


Tallarook finished the season on top of the ladder to win the NE premiership and each player was presented with a premiership medals (whilst one young female personally made caps for each of the players embroidered with TFC).  One game behind in second place was Seymour, and third place a further 6 pts behind went to Avenal, both these clubs receiving at Trophy from the Association. As to why Avenal were credited with third place is not known and they had finished equal on points with Broadford and the latter if percentages counted were clearly ahead on that score.   The actual medals and both Trophy’s were not presented until early May the following season.



However at the following AGM of the Broadford FC held the following 7 April 1894 a Mr Dobson declared that Avenal were not entitled to their Cup.  In the final round of the season Broadford travelled to Avenal (both teams being in equal third place), but the whether Committee had declared that the day was unfit for play, half an hour before they should have done so.  Broadford disputed that the weather was fine and fit for football.  Furthermore he stressed that he would strenuously, oppose the cup being awarded to Avenal, and he suggested that as there was a dispute over the cup the two clubs should play the match off, or no cup should be given. The remarks of Mr Dobson were concurred in by the meeting, and the matter was left in his hands.  Nothing more appears thought to have come of this and likely the proposed game was never played (with Mr Dobson also having left the District by mid year also), and the third placed Trophy had officially been presented to the club buy the Association in May with Broadford Delegates present,

In 1894 the Alexandra FC ambitiously wrote to the Broadford, Glenmore, Jamieson, Tallarook and Yea clubs with the intention of forming an Association, which ultimately came to nothing. 

At the NE Association AGM held at Ryans Hotel in Seymour on Tuesday 19 June 1894 a Notice of Motion by DE Ryan was tabled ‘that the Secretaries of the Kilmore and Wandong clubs be proceeded against for debts due to the Association from last year’ – no further details known.

In 1894 the Wandong FC again registered with the VFJA with the likely intention of again rejoining this North-Eastern Association, however this did not eventuate. Registration of a player with the VFJA meant that to play with a metropolitan club the player must obtain a permit from the Permit Committee.

At a North-Eastern Association Meeting held on 22 May 1894 discussion took place regarding last years balance sheet, and the clubs that were in arrears, and it was decided to take steps to ascertain if the money could be legally recovered.

19 June 1894 the NEFA balance sheet was £10/11/3d with Kilmore owing £6/16/- and Wandong £4/5/- .  A Notice of Motion by Mr DE Ryan (President) –  ‘ that the Secretaries of the Kilmore and Wandong clubs be proceeded against for debts due to the association from last year’.  The following month it was reported that Mr DE Ryan was indeed seeking legal opinion.  After this time nothing more is reported on the matter in the local Press 

7 July 1894 although Wandong and Kilmore had not entered the NEFA the following season they are recorded as playing a game against each other.  Though a drawn match was played the following KFP report from the Kilmore FC Correspondent was somewhat scalding of their team  – ‘On Saturday last the Wandong team visiting here as per arrangement, and instead of the town being properly represented to meet them several of the ‘choicest flowers’ of the team were up helping (?) Broadford to beat Benalla.  In the first place this action of the part of the club in allowing its members to go elsewhere to play football was rather discourteous to Wandong, and in the second place as a draw was played, it is painly evident that the club should have put their best team into the field to meet Wandong.  It is also enough to make our shire fathers tremble to see the quiet way in which Broadford ins annexing the Kilmore team.  I am afriaf if things go on at present that instead of the question of the day being ‘ wil Broadford amalgamate with Kilmore’, that we have to consider ‘will Broadford annex with Kilmore ?” A______(?) this privilege of clubs to play men from other Districts

The ‘distance rule’ for players in the NEFA in 1894 season was ‘a man must play for the club which is nearest to he reside’, and ‘that each player must live within a 20 mile radius, in addition a player was also required ‘to be within the radius one month before being eligible to play’.

I think the Association would do well to seriously consider whether it would not be better to make different towns stand on their merits instead of playing men from other townships.  This does not appear to me to be all fair, and the practise bears too much the look of professionalism.  However the clubs concerned are represented in the Association, and they cannot grumble at laws they have made themselves.  I would like to draw this matter under the notice of the Kilmore East Mutual Improvement and Debating Society, and a thrilling discussion might ensue on ‘what shall we do with our old women’ instead of ‘what should we do with our girls?’, and they might consider whether it would not be well to instruct them in the game of football more fully and get then to properly represent the town in the football field etc etc…..

Match from 7 July 1894 (above)
per KFP 12 July 1894

Tallarook in 1894 went on to win their fourth consecutive premiership, with no final once again being played.  2ed place went to Seymour, 3rd Broadford, 4th Avenal, 5th Benalla (new team) and  6th in Nagambie (in last place)

North Eastern Football Association Premiers (Est 1891) Benalla however failed to put in an appearance, and Broadford were granted a walkover and official third place.

Season Premiers Score Runners-Up/Second Score Other
 1891 Tallarook Seymour 
(no final) AE Richardson Trophy & premiership medallions
 1892 Tallarook Seymour DE Ryan & AW Wallders Trophy & premiership medallions

in a play off for 3rd place Benalla failed to put in an appearance and Broadford were granted a walkover.
 1893 Tallarook Seymour Premier team – no trophy for premier team replaced with 15 ct gold medals premiership medallions
Second placed Trophy – Tristan Trophy
Third Placed Trophy – Misson Trophy
 1894 Tallarook Seymour  (no final) McKenzie Trophy & premiership medallions
1894 Tallarook football Premiership medallion
(15ct gold)


In 1894 the Waterbury Trophy for the Champion Football in the state was donated by the well known watchmakers.  However representations were then made to the donors since this trophy under the conditions in which it was offered – due to the improbability of the voting being carried through without certain questionable method being resorted to, to swell the returns.  As a result of this it was then decided to withdraw the matter and make other arrangements for the Trophy itself to be applied to some new feature connected with (The Herald Sat 12 May 1894).

It was then revised that a Trophy valued at 32 Guineas, that being 20 new improved Waterbury watches would be awarded to the twenty playing members of the club which obtains the highest record of goals kicked during the present football season. In not more or less than 18 matchs, with the competition open to the Victorian Junior Football Association, and to all up country up-country associated clubs legitimately established.

With the Wandong FC players and the club still being a registered member of the VJFA although not playing in any Association were eligible for the award, per the list of club eligible and goals scored to date.   Wandong were not recorded as even having played any ‘friendly’ games by early June (with the NEFA having not forwarded the goals scored in their Association to day).


The North-East Football Association formed in 1891 aside from two seasons (1897 & 1898) survived up until the end of the 1912 season

Premiership List –

 Won SharedRunners-Up
 Tallarook 14 5 1 3
 Seymour 20 5 0 9
 Avenal 18 4 0 2
 Broadford 18 2 0 3
 Nagambie 12 2 0 0
 Benalla 5 1 0 0
 Yea 9 0 1 0
 Longwood 8 0 0 1
 Euroa 7 0 0 1
 Kilmore 6 0 0 0
 Wandong 1 0 0 0
 Alexandra (withdrew) 0   

The North-East Association in 1913 combined with the Waranga Association (formed in 1904) to form the Waranga North-East Football Association. The WNEFA then survived up until the end of the 1976 season when due to insufficient teams remaining (five – Alexandra, Broadford, Mansfield, Thornton and Yea) the League was finally disbanded. 

The Association was later to combine with the Waranga Association (formed in 1904) to form the Waranga North-East Football Association in 1913.  The WNEFA then survived up until the end of the 1976 season when due to insufficient teams remaining (five – Alexandra, Broadford, Mansfield, Thornton and Yea) the League was finally disbanded.  Broadford won four of the last six premierships in 1971, 1972, 1973 and 1974, with Yea winning the last flag in 1976 when it defeated Mansfield in the Grand-Final.


The Wandong FC name then disappears from Competition play for some years, until –


The club are recorded as playing at least two social games in  1905 against Reedy Creek.  Only 4 Wandong players arrived for the start of one of these games – with ‘Clonbinane spectators being pressed into service’…….


The Wandong FC name then disappears for some years, next reappearing in competition play in the 1907 season which was the sole season of the Wallan District Football Association, which was formed after the collapse of the Central Mernda Football Association

As follows a brief resume of the seasons Wandong FC entered a team into competition play –

18937th (last)71110 –North-EastWandong, Merri Merri &
Wallan Wallan (combined)
1907  ?3 or 4 ? ? ? ?Wallan DistrictThis Association survived just the one season after the temporary demise of the Central Mernda Association – with very little being recorded or known about this season (Wallan Wallan were the premiers)
19083rd4207Central Mernda formed as Clonbinane FC (which was essentially a Combined Clonbinane/Wandong team), with the home games played on the Wandong Ground
19095th (last)5008 –Central MerndaThe Clonbinane FC did not reform after the 1908 season
1910-1913club did not reform (Midlands Association)
19144th (last)4 027 –Midlands 
19153rd4 4 04 –MidlandsSeason abandoned after Rd 8
1915-1918No Association (the Great War)
1919-1920club did not reform (Central Mernda Association)
1921-1923No local Association formed – Wandong did play several social matches in this period
1924 club did not reform (Midlands Association)
1925Runners-Up4 6 0  6        –Midlands 
1926Premiers3 801 –Midlands 
1927No local Association formed – due to lack of players and teams. Club did not reform
19283rd8 906 –Bourke-Evelyn 
19294th (S-F)8 20211Bourke-Evelyn  
1930 club did not reform (Bourke-Evelyn Association)
19314th (S-F)5 306 –Hume Highway 
19325th (last)5 1083Hume Highway  
19336th7 1075Hume Highway  
19343rd (S-F) 6 5015Hume Highway  
TOTAL  4237324  

In the period 1921 to 1923 Wandong are recorded as playing in several social matches against the likes of the Kilmore Juniors and Donnybrook in particular – with the team winning all their recorded matches. Possibly again on occasion in this period they also may have Combined with the Wallan Wallan club – and played under the Wallan Wallan FC name ?

Wandong FC last competitive match was a Hume Highway Semi-Final match loss in 1934 season against the Broadford Juniors (Independents)*.

* the Broadford Independents, were referred to in the Press during 1934 on several occasions as the Broadford Juniors. ______________________________________

Reference Sources used – Treasure Trove Newspaper Library, State Library of Victoria, Midlands Football Association Minute Book (1924-1926)


As always any corrections, additions or critical comment are most welcome, and credit will be given to any additional contributions.