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‘THE GOLDEN ERA’ (Wallan Wallan FC 1907-1915)

It is now well over 100 years ago when the winter sport of football, that locally in the terms of competition play was still very much in its infancy.  It was in this period that the small Wallan Wallan FC on field achievements, remain unsurpassed by the club til’ this very day.

True other local clubs have had their own periods of dominance  -Broadford in the Waranga North-East Association, won six premierships in seven years (after having been runners-up in 1921 and 1922) between 1924 to 1930 and then in the ‘rebranded’ Waranga North-East League another four consecutive premierships in the between 1971 to 1974.  Kilmore though not necessarily the dominant force were to win three consecutive premierships between 1938 and 1940 in an expanded local (Hume Highway) competition, whilst Donnybrook won three consecutive premierships 1961 to 1963 in the Panton Hills Competition (the first of these successes indeed being over Wallan United).

Yes, in addition it may be more than adequately argued that there were fewer teams competing in the early years than there were in later times – as the competitions grew in team numbers, encompassing a larger geographical area.  Yet no matter the size of the competition in this early period, one team was  clearly the most successful in the local District surrounding Wallan Wallan.

Just maybe also the importance of winning a premiership in those bygone days and the impact it had on an entire township/s population could not hoped to be surpassed locally in modern day times.  By-gone celebrations often went over an extended period with local halls being booked and were packed out for various celebrations and fund raising such as to go towards a subscription in awarding the players with special premiership medals (even embroidered caps were known to have been made).  Then the presentation of the handsome Trophy often on offer was cause for another public gathering. There was the winding up of the season at the Annual Presentation Night, with dinners, bands, dancing, numerous speeches, and award presentations etc etc.  If a player was’ lost’ to the team through leaving the District another social gathering was organised to make a presentation and bid farewell with numerous persons making speeches.

There were forever protests being lodged, almost always by the vanquished team – such was the importance placed on their team having not lowered their colours fairly……  Teams were not shy to report in the press if they felt they had not been defeated fairly, or if the umpiring was not to their satisfaction.  Delegates Meetings where Protests were held (usually with a cash deposit having to be made by the protesting team of about 20/-) were fiercely debated and frequently contentious points were argued upon for an extended time.  On occasions such Meetings were were widely reported on in the local Press – with contributions in addition also being made in the press by the public at large.

References have even been found several years later in the press with a team still referring back to a defeat and/or protest where they felt they had been so unfairly treated.…….

It cannot be denied that great importance was placed on sporting success in these little townships, where maybe there were few others occasions that generated such a combined ‘fever’ to be savored by almost all the towns folk.


In 1915 Wallan Wallan were once again top of the table after 8 rounds when the competition was suspended due to the Great War in Europe.   The little club had already had received the tragic news that their star player in William Stockdale (who was also playing periodically for Port Melbourne in the VFA in 1914) had been killed at Gallipoli.  But by the time of this terrible wars end the Wallan FC had possibly been decimated like no other in the District with several players and even officials making the supreme sacrifice in the theatre of the European killing fields, with others only to return home still injured and in hope of recuperation.

Fielding a football team at Wallan thereafter for many years was likely an ongoing chore in finding sufficient players and in generating that ongoing local community passion and enthusiasm especially in lean times on the field.  So much so the local completion did indeed lapse for 3 seasons between 1921-1923 as all teams likely felt the pinch of finding sufficient numbers.  Indeed many a player was probably given a game not on skill, but just to make up the team numbers – which at the end of the day is what the local football scene should to many truly be all about, with the young local lads playing for their own hometown team.

Association rules were very strict in this timeframe  regarding residency requirements (which indeed did result in many a protest being lodged – usually when defeated…….!) with all players not only having to be Registered and/or having obtained a permit from any previous club they had played for through the VJFA – but in addition they had to fulfill a residency requirement of having lived within a certain amount of miles from their club (usually between 5-10 miles and slightly more for the more remote teams like Darraweit Guim etc) and for a certain period of time (usually a minimum of one month).

So please, I hope that you can enjoy, no matter where your own club loyalties may lie in this little story of the Wallan Wallan FC own ‘Golden Era’…………….


 The story of football at Wallan Wallan can be dated back until at least 1878, with the team occasionally Combining with Wandong to make up a team.  Many a match however likely went unrecorded if the local correspondent did not submit anything to the local press afterwards.  From this period onwards up until 1906 the Wallan Wallan team only played social matches –  aside from 1893 when Wallan Wallan, Wandong and Merri Merri combined for one season and entered the North-Eastern Association where they finished at the foot of the table – of which this story will appear in at a later time.

Associations were being formed by the early 1890s to the North (with the North Eastern Est. 1891), the West (Romsey & District Est. 1891), and to the East (the Harper and Cameron Trophy Est. 1892) of Wallan Wallan, but nothing was organised for the small teams in their locality.

The Romsey & Lancefield Association did not reform after the 1903 season some of its member clubs decided to join the new Gisborne & District Association (Est 1904).  This left Romsey and Lancefield with no competition so they formed the Central Dalhousie Association which survived three seasons (1904-05 & 1907), with the Romsey & District Association having reformed for one season in 1906.


Central Dalhousie Football Association (1904-05 & 1907)

On 30 April 1904 the Kilmore FC annual meeting which was attended by the largest crowd since the clubs inception with PF O’Donnell taking the Chair.  The question was raised by the Broadford club of establishing an Association consisting of Kilmore, Broadford, Glenaroua, Lancefield, Pyalong, Tallarook and Wallan Wallan.  It was further considered that a meeting of Delegates of these clubs favourable to the project be held at an early date to give effect to the proposal.

At Broadford it was eventually decided to form a Broadford Shire Association.  Broadford went on to win the premiership trophy valued at 5 Guineas, and were then followed by Oddfellows (Broadford), Broadford Independents and Reeedy Creek (Tyaak).  This competition only lasted for the single season.

Lancefield were for some unknown reason not popular with the Gisborne and Hesket clubs who did not wish to travel there, they had even applied unsuccessfully to join the Kyneton Association.  The Lancefield club appear to have been on the ‘outer’ for several seasons leading up to the Great War.

The Central Dalhousie Football Association (occasionally referred to as the Kilmore Association) was settled with the inclusion of teams from Lancefield, Kilmore, Pyalong and Romsey (with Lancefield having matches against Romsey and Kilmore taken from them) however the Wallan Wallan team were not included – no other details known.

Lancefield won the 1904 Final when they defeated Romsey 7-8 to 7-2, Kilmore finished third followed by Pyalong

In 1905 Emu Flat and Pyalong Combined, but came last in a three Team competition.  Romsey finished on top and won the premiership from Lancefield (no Final was played).

A new Association was formed in the Central Mernda (CMFA) in 1906 and in its first season encompassed teams only to the northern reaches of Wallan Wallan.  P Bidstrup (Broadford) donated a premiership cup to the Association, to be won by the team on top of the ladder after round 12 (no Final) a.  It was later moved that medals to be presented to the Players of the premiership team – thus was the premiership Cup still on offer ?  The Kilmore club were the last inclusion in the competition, taking the participating teams up to four.

The final Central Dalhousie Association (1907) got underway with only four teams in High Camp Plain, Kilmore, Lancefield and Romsey, with all the other teams withdrawing their interest or not having their applications accepted prior to the commencement of the season proper.  The High Camp Plain (who possibly combined with Pyalong) soon experienced difficulties fielding a team and withdrew early into the season.

Central Mernda Football Association (1906)

The Central Mernda Association was formed in 1906 and the Broadford Independents were the first premiers

1906 Final ladder –                      P           W        L          Pts

Broadford Independents           12          10        2          40

Kilmore                                          12         9          3          36

Broadford Juniors                      11*        2          9           8

Tyaak (Reedy Creek)                 11*         2          9          8

* there is no record of the Juniors and Tyaak playing out their remaining fixture.

In 1907 The Kilmore club had decided not to rejoin the Central Mernda Football Association, having ‘had enough of the CMFA, and they joined the reformed Central Dalhousie Football Association along with High Camp Plain, Kilmore, Lancefield, Newham, Romsey and Wallan Wallan entering and playing off for the Wardrop Trophy*.  Mr Rhoden was elected as Association President.  Wallan Wallan however would not commence the Central Dalhousie season.

* the Wardrop Trophy was also the name of the Cricket Trophy played for by clubs in the Association to the West that comprised of  the Gisborne, Macedon, Riddells Creek and Romsey clubs.

At a Meeting of the CMFA held on Wednesday 17 April 1907 in which the Broadford Independents and Broadford Juniors clubs Delegated are known to have been present, it was through Kilmore intimating their intention of joining in with Lancefield (thus having withdrawn) it was decided to abandon the Central Mernda Association until such time that it could again be formed………….  The following week a meeting was held at Broadford with the intention of amalgamating the two local clubs into one strong club which was voted in favour of and the new Broadford club then applied to join the NEFA after an absence of six seasons.



 Wallan District Football Association (1907)

The very first season of the Wallan Wallan FC entering into competition play and starting the ‘Golden Era’ is actually very near to a total mystery.

The Wallan Wallan team were simply referred to as ‘the Maroons’ (per their Guernsey colours) by many in this period, and well beyond up until the end of 1926 season.

Both the Wallan Wallan and Wandong clubs were still active during the 1907 season, per available Press reports only social matches are reported on – though at the completion of the 1909 season a club Wallan Wallan Correspondent records that the local team had won their third successive premiership.

Despite earlier reports it is likely that the CMFA season likely did commence – more precisely it may have been actually called the Wallan District Association.  With nothing reported on the Wallan competition in the local Press, with the Kilmore side in the Central Dalhousie Association and neither the Kilmore Juniors or Broadford Juniors teams having an interest in the Wallan Association and the Broadford Independents for now were no more – nothing further was reported on it at all.

Team photographs were taken of each Wallan Wallan side each season from 1907 through to 1911 to record for prosperity the success that their club was enjoying.  To be found from a single sentence entry some two years later in the KFP (1909) and repeated the Melbourne Age with slight addition recording the Wallan Wallan premiership win of  1907……..when in 1909 Wallan Wallan claimed their third consecutive premiership in the Central Mernda Association!


                  KFP 1909                                                                 Melbourne Age 1909

Then prior to commencement of the following season (1908) references are to be found recorded of teams seeking to be admitted into the Wallan District Football Association – further indicating that an Association of this name had likely previously existed.  The competition in 1908 however commenced under a formerly used name of the Central Mernda Association from 1906 season.

Just what other teams made up the remainder of the WDFA for the 1907 season will likely remain forever a total mystery in the total absence of any further long lost and forgotten Minutes coming to light (all early surviving and believed near complete Wallan FC Minutes were destroyed when the Wallan PO was burnt down in 1975).  What is likely, is that the Association comprised of very few clubs (maybe as few as three) and possibly they were much localised – although…………….

One unlikely inclusion however may have been Mickleham, who were expressing an interest in affiliating with an Association in the District in this period.  A third team may have been Donnybrook (though no record survives of this club entering into competition play until they later joined the CMFA in 1909).  Other possibilities are either Clonbinane or Wandong (or a Combined team) whose towns people had a strong interest in football – however distance may have been an issue if Mickleham were included.  Did the Wallan Railways possibly filed a team ?  Finally the Darraweit Guim club it is believed did not reform until 1908.

So the WDFA  was likely only a 3 (at the most a 4  team) competition, almost certainly played over of 8 games per team – this can be calculated on the known total consecutive wins  achieved by the Wallan Wallan team over the next three years, per the following –

In the KFP on 19 Apr 1910 the Wallan Wallan club claimed to have been undefeated for the past 26 matches.  Per this research one match was drawn and Wallan actually lost a match in the final round match of 1908 season (or was this match later protested ?) – before winning the Final.  Given that Wallan played 9 games both 1908 and 1909 (one, a no result match) season, it is therefore possible to conclude (that excluding any practise/social games played in the period 1907-1909) that Wallan Wallan were indeed undefeated in 1907 season, with no Final played –

1907 Final ladder  –   Wallan Wallan from 2/3 other teams (no Final)

WALLAN WALLAN – Premiers 1907      

Only player identified in photo above, is Hugh Munro (as marked) and third to the left of Hugh may possibly be Charlie Cleve ?

Two Press snippets from 1907 recording any football played at Wallan Wallan during 1907 were likely only recorded due to a Kilmore interest.  On  Sat 25 May 1907 the Kilmore State School defeated the Wallan State School (no other details available).  Then on Wednesday 10 July 1907 the Wallan Wallan boys played the Kilmore Juniors at home, and were beaten 0-2 to 3-10 (Best for Wallan were W Rule, Robinson, King and Bond).  The game was slow and uninteresting it was reported, owing to the slippery ground and the inclement weather.


The Lancefield club had written to Kilmore inviting them to enter a Lancefield Association (this however came to nothing) and Lancefield entered their team into the Romsey District Association – which appears to have been a single match against Romsey playing off for the Edwards-Hart Trophy, in which they were defeated.  Lancefield were otherwise restricted to playing no competition matches against the likes of Kilmore, the new Sugarloaf team at Emu Flat, Kilmore Marist Brothers and intra town games such as Lancefield Town vs Lancefield Country and Cadets vs Rovers.

 The Central Mernda Football Association was reformed. Kilmore only joined the Association on the condition that Mickleham were refused admittance as it was too far for them to travel.  A proposal was put forward that Kilmore and Mickleham played each other at Wallan Wallan, but this was an unsatisfactory proposal as Wallan Wallan only had one ground and they might be playing there that particular week.  Consequently Mickleham had their application rejected and were not admitted.

References have been found in the Press as the local Association in 1908 also incorrectly being referred to as the Wallan District Football Association.

On Monday 8 June 1908 the Prince of Wales Public Holiday the Kilmore and Wallan football and Rifle club met to compete against each other.  Wallan Wallan won the football by 3pts the result of the rifle match is not known.

13 June 1908 whilst playing at home for Clonbinane against Wallan Wallan one for the their young players  Nicholas Leydon (son of Mr. Edward Leydon of Bylands) was to seriously injured that he had to be removed to the Kilmore Hospital.  He broke his collarbone through coming into collision with two other players, and was treated by Dr. Dowling.  The match resulted in a win for Wallan Wallan.

The upcoming Kilmore vs Wallan Wallan match played at Kilmore on 20 June 1908 was reported by the KFP as ‘promising to be a particularly good match, so all the business people in Kilmore have agreed to close their respective establishments between 3pm and 5pm, in order that all the employees may have the opportunity of witnessing the contest’.  The match lived up to the occasion as the two teams played out  a 12 points each draw (it not known in each teams total score of 12 points if any goals were kicked).

Similar to during cricket season, Clonbinane likely drew its many of its players from Wandong.

Kilmore won many of its games by substantial margins (comparative with scores of that time) during the season, with their champion player PF O’Donnell kicking many goals including 6 against Clonbinane on 6 June and another 6 the following Saturday against Darraweit Guim.

11 July 1908 –.  The game against Clonbinane was played in pounding rain at the Wandong Oval.  Wallan Wallan won 13-25 to 2-5.

18 July 1908 – in the final round in a minor upset Kilmore thrashed Wallan 5-12 to 0-3 at Wallan to draw level on top of the table. 200 Kilmore spectators had travelled by special train to watch the game which was played in wet, sloppy and boggy conditions.

 1908   Final ladder –

                                  W        D         L          Pts       Guernsey Colours

Kilmore                      7          1          1          30           navy blue and white

Wallan Wallan          7          1          1          30           all maroon

Clonbinane               2          0          7            8           red

Darraweit Guim      1          0          8           4            all blue

FINAL – Wallan Wallan 4-5 defeated Kilmore 1-1 (possibly played on 1st August)

(the Wallan Wallan reversal of form in the Final was somewhat of a surprise to many)

  WALLAN WALLAN FC  – Premiers 1908

Back Row –William Munro, _____, _____, Vic Budd ?, _____, _____, William Stockdale, Umpire

Middle Row – _____, _____, _____,_____, _____, _____

Front Row – _____, _____, _____, _____, Hugh Munro, Miles Harper

In 1909 an application was received from the Heathcote FC seeking admission, however their application and proposal was rejected despite Heathcote being on the Kilmore-Bendigo rail line which would have alleviated much of the travels problems that teams would have experienced.  Whilst Clonbinane did not rejoin the Association neighbouring Wandong were admitted and likely included several former Clonbinane players in its team.  Donnybrook also had their application accepted and joined for the first time.  Whilst pre season the KFP reported –  ‘there does not seem much chance of a football club in Kilmore this season.  ‘Rigging a team to beat little Wallan did the game no good here’.

29 May 1909 though the scores are unavailable Wallan Wallan defeated Darraweit in a  match that was later reported on as –   ‘was nothing but a scramble and set off the American game of football’ (Interesting to note that a local reporter should being familiar with the American game !)  In the other match after an opening round bye Kilmore defeated Donnybrook 16-22 to 0-0, which was quite an incredible amount of scoring shots for the times by the victors.

5 June 1909 the Kilmore and Wallan Wallan teams showed that they would be the two teams to beat as at Darraweit the visiting Kilmore kept the home team goalless.  Scores-  Kilmore 5-14 to Darraweit 0-1.  Whilst only poor kicking at Wandong saw Wallan Wallan fail to register a mammoth score, kicking  7-24 as they kept the home side scoreless.

19 June 1909 in appalling conditions Wallan Wallan 1-1 defeated Kilmore 0-4 at Wallan Wallan in a match billed as ‘The Grand Football Match’.  A large crowd was in attendance to watch the two best teams play, and a special train was laid on for visiting supporters.  The ground was unfit for any good football to be played with portions of the ground being under water.

There were many reports in the press regarding the rough play in both the VFL and VFA in this period.  The KFP reporting that ‘Footballing seems almost as disastrous as warfare.  Several lives lost recently in Australia victims to Footballing.  We like sport but cannot bring ourselves to believe that the kickers of the ball to be heroes’

26 June 1909 there were no CMFA matches played with a representative Association team selected to play  University (Melbourne) at the Kilmore Showgrounds. The ground was in good order and there was a large attendance which saw the CMFA in front by a single point at half time.  The home team made a determined effort in the final quarter to record a 9 pt victory.  Scores – CMFA 3- 7 defeated University (Melbourne) 2-4.  £8/8/9d was raised and donated to the Kilmore Hospital Fund.

At the half way point of the season position of teams read –

                                      W        L        Pts

Wallan Wallan             4          0          16

Kilmore                         3          1          12

Donnybrook                 2          2          8

Darraweit Guim          1          3          4

Wandong                     0          4          0

10 July 1909 Wallan Wallan defeated Darraweit – ‘in this game Wallan Wallan were winning when a decision went against Darraweit.  This put an end to the game when the Darraweit captain called his players from the field at three quarter time with the scores at 4-4 to 1-1.  Umpire Cleary was recorded as being impartial in his decisions per The AGE.  This is not the first occasion that this has happened in this Association, ending a game in such an unsatisfactory manner’.  It appears that this match was likely deemed a no result and was ordered to be replayed on 14 August.

24 July 1909 Wallan Wallan were ensured themselves the premiership in the final round (so no Final match was required) at Darraweit when they defeated a gallant home team by 4-12 to 2-5. In the evening G Robertson and Roy Masson leading members of the Wallan Wallan football and cricket clubs were tendered a complimentary banquet on Saturday evening in Bond’s Hall.  The former was possibly the former St.Kilda VFL player who between 1901 and 1902 seasons played 14 games for the club, kicking 2 goals.

31 July 1909 advertised as ‘The Great Football Match’ Kilmore needed to win their final match against Wallan Wallan to draw level and they hope that Darraweit would later cause an upset in their yet to be replayed (no result) game  against Wallan Wallan.  Kilmore having only lost by 3 pts in their earlier meeting, the side surely would have been full of optimism.  However were unable to deny Wallan Wallan early premiership celebration as they yet again defeated in a low scoring close encounter, this time by only 5 pts.  Scores – Wallan Wallan 2-3 defeated Kilmore 1-4 at the Kilmore Showgrounds, admission was 6d.  The match was recorded as a very rough game, and that the umpiring gave considerable dissatisfaction, he being freely hooted………….

14 August 1909 in what appears to be the replayed match (though played at Darraweit not Wallan Wallan) from the no result match of 10 July, the Darraweit team gave a very good account of themselves at home against the newly crowned premier team. Final scores were Wallan Wallan 4-12 defeated Darraweit 2-5

1909 Final ladder   –

                                      P         W        L        Pts

Wallan Wallan             8          8          0          32

Kilmore                         8          6          2          24

Darraweit Guim          8          3*        5           12

Donnybrook                8          3          5           12        (blue with red yoke)

Wandong                     8          0          8*          0

* includes forfeit win (Darraweit vs Wandong)

    WALLAN WALLAN FC – Premiers 1909

Back Row – _____, _____, _____, Bill Munro, ______ (in College Guernsey),

Bill Patton, Vic Budd, _____,Hugh Munro, Bill Stockdale, _____

Middle Row – Percy Stockdale, _____, _____, Albert Pratt, Miles Harper, _____, _____, _____

Front Row -_____, Umpire,Vic Layton,_____, 

Photo likely includes G Robertson and Roy Masson

Wed 24/8/1909 August 1909 the Central Mernda Association played its second Representative match for the season, this time a ‘benefit match’ for an ex-Kilmore captain.  The CMFA played a Combined Lancefield/Romsey team at the Kilmore Showgrounds with the visiting team including Couttie from the Melbourne club and several other players.  Final scores were Combined Lancefield/Romsey 8-16 (Couttie 4 goals) defeated Central Mernda Association 3-3.  A. Vince Couttie played with the Melbourne VFL team between 1901-1911 seasons (152 games, 212 goals) and was the captain in 1907, 1910 and 1911 seasons, yet never played in a finals match.  He was one of the finest footballers of his era with tremendous ball skills as well as being a fine mark.  A dashing player in 1904 when he topped the VFL goalkicking with 39 goals it included one exceptional haul of 8 goals vs Geelong.

One other Representative game was played during the season (date unknown) against the neighbouring Gisborne Association and despite the CMFA team more scoring opportunities were defeated.  Scores-  Gisborne District Association 6-4 to Central Mernda Association 4-9.  This match may well have been played before the Combined Lancefield/Romsey match….?

Late Aug 1909 a movement was ‘a foot’ by the residents of the District to present the members of the Wallan Wallan FC with silver medals, in recognition of their efforts in winning the Central Mernda competition three years in succession.

4 September 1909 at a social evening was held at Bonds Hotel, Wallan Wallan  and the CMFA premiership trophy a very handsome marble clock was presented to the Wallan Wallan team by Mr GJ Little a representative of Messrs Kenley and Millsom (high class tailors etc, 266 Flinders St, Melbourne), and celebrated their third consecutive premiership win before 200 persons.  The winning players were each presented with a silver medal in recognition of their winning the competition.

The Wallan Wallan club gave a farewell to two of its premiership players in G Robertson and Roy Masson later in September, as they were both leaving the District).

18 Sept the Wallan Wallan CC played a practise cricket match against the football club.

In the autumn months of 1910 the Yea FC a member of the NEFA found themselves a very much unwanted club in their Association.  It was suggested that if the Tallarook team could with Yea obtain admission into the Kilmore (Mernda Association), the ‘no football’ difficulty would be overcome. In essence some clubs within the NEFA were prepared to partially dismantle the CMFA……..!  It was reasoned that the Longwood and Euroa football clubs (and others) in particular found it too expensive to travel to Yea.

In a prelude to this back in 1909 the Yea ‘quack’ press Correspondent had suggested that teams in the NEFA should extend no further north that Avenal, after the Association had initially proposed a six team competition minus Yea – so things had been brewing for several months as it all came to an ultimate head………

It was hoped that if the CMFA included Yea into their Association (Tallarook had by now withdrawn from the NEFA), the competition would be made up of Kilmore, Broadford Independents (No.2), Tallarook and Yea (references made afterwards towards a Kilmore Association).  It appears that no consideration had been made of the Darraweit Guim, Donnybrook, Wallan Wallan and Wandong member clubs……..! But by the end of April nothing to concern this assertion had since come to hand.  Basically the NEFA was ‘wirepulling’ to dismantle the CMFA, then to form a new Kilmore Football Association, where the NEFA could dispose of its unwanted clubs in Yea and to a lesser extent Tallarook.

It was believed that the Broadford club disapproved of the Yea clubs inclusion in any new Association that their Second team played in.  The Centenary Celebrations of football book on the Yea FC has the opposite take, saying that they would not play in the NEFA if Euroa and Longwood were in.  Whatever was being ‘hatched’ both Tallarook and Yea clubs withdrew from the NEFA and a new club even further away in Benalla rejoined. Yea who were represented at the pre season delegates meeting advised that they would ‘stand down’ if Benalla came in, and that is was awkward even getting to Euroa.  Delegates at this meeting discussed that they were getting new clubs into the Association from further north every year and the idea was to get a ‘line’ competition and if they took in Benalla they might have to drop certain clubs. All schemes to form a proposed southern Kilmore Association were eventually crushed.

Nearly 40 years later in 1946 the Yea FC considered entering its team into the Hume Highway Association, which also came to nothing.  The Yea club were destined to never be part of any ‘southern’ competition that encompassed the Wallan District. 

30 April 1910 at home Wallan Wallan 4-5 defeated Primrose (Collingwood) 2-5 in a practise match.

As late as Monday 7 May the Broadford FC held a successful meeting with a large number present to consider the advisability of entering a second eighteen into the Mernda Association.

Wednesday 9 May 1910 the Association was reformed at a meeting held at Bonds Hotel* in Wallan Wallan.  Broadford Independents, Darraweit Guim, Kilmore, Tallarook and Wallan Wallan Delegates were present.  It was proposed that Donnybrook (who were members the previous season) and the Seymour Seconds enter sides into the Association.  The Association affiliated with the Metropolitan Junior Football Association, and it was also decided to use their umpires for a fee of a Guinea a match.  Tallarook decided against entering its team as they thought that it would be impossible for them to travel to Darraweit.  It was also decided to change the place of future Delegate Meetings to Kilmore as it was considered to be a more central place.  Darraweit were granted were granted a player radius of 10 miles whilst all the other clubs were given a 5 mile player radius.   The rules of last season’s Association were revised and were adopted.  Donnybrook however entered its team into the Bourke-Evelyn Football Association (where they were to last just the two seasons) and after having made a disastrous start to the season when they were defeated by Epping 12-20 to nil, they eventually finished in 6th (last) place.

* Bonds Hotel (owned by the Bond family) the Railway Hotel at Wallan East.

Occasionally during the 1910 season the match results and date matches were played are a little difficult to decipher.  This is also complicated in that club correspondents did not always submit results on a weekly basis – thus a printed report on ‘last Saturday’s match’, could in some instances more precisely be from an even earlier Saturday……..  Also teams did not play all their matches against each other aside from Wallan Wallan, and some Cancelled matches may have been played at a later date.

Wallan Wallan also formed a Junior team with J McDonald (Secretary)

14 May 1910 Darraweit Guim defeated Wallan Wallan by 19 points (Scores – 4-3 to 1-2), with Lowry kicking all 4 goals for the winners.  In which case this was the Wallan Wallan team’s first defeat since 1908 – a sequence of 26 games without defeat according to the Wallan Correspondent, however this figure may have been slightly exaggerated?   This match however was most likely a practice game with Darraweit however ‘initially’ they finished the season winless – though they later had a Cancelled match against Kilmore awarded in their favour… the following year (May 1911).

Also from 21 May 1910 from the Wallan Wallan vs Broadford Independents match – ‘it was the usual thing for the whole 36 of the players to be on the ball at once, and on several occasion the umpire had to “ball up” as to clear the players back , but this did not seem to have any effect’.

On the same date the College B team kicking was atrociousness in recording a 4 pt win.  Scores – College B 1-14 defeated Heathcote State School 2-4

For an insight to local travel arrangements in the CMFA for teams along the line, from the Melbourne Argus Friday 27 May 1910 –  

The Argus Fri 27 May 1910

 CHARGE FOR “DEAD” RUN  –   The Kilmore Football Club chartered a special train to run from Kilmore to Wallan on Saturday and return.  Previously the Railway Department had charged £ 7/10/- but this time it had increased to £ 11/5/-.  The extra £ 3/15/- being for the”dead” run in bringing an engine up from Melbourne (as none was available at Wallan East).  The club asked the    Department for a rebate of £ 3/15/- which was later granted.

28 May 1910 there was a good deal of rough play in the game between Wallan Wallan and Kilmore with the Kilmore captain J Britton being rendered unconscious after being heavily thrown to the ground and striking his head against the woodwork – play was stopped for a while as he was attended to.  Several other players sustained minor injuries during the game.   Another Kilmore player was ‘sent sprawling head first into the seats occupied by the ladies in the pavillion, bit he did not seem much put out by it, being able to play on’.  In addition during the course of some warm argument as to the merits of the respective teams – one lady supporter of the defeated team was so enthusiastic that she clubbed her umbrella and chased a Kilmore barracker along the railway platform, determined to win her argument even if her team did not win the match,  Also after the game Michael Gardiner of Kilmore East, met with a nasty accident – he had earlier witnessed the game, and was just leaving on his bicycle for home when he collided with another cyclist. The impact threw Gardiner with some force against a fence, breaking one of his arms.  He was brought to Kilmore by Constable Quinn, and attended to by Dr Semple.  No final score survives from this game, in which Kilmore won (Wallan Wallan did not score any goals however).

4 June 1910 Darraweit kicked the only goal of the match but still lost to Wallan Wallan 0-12 to 1-0

The ladder at this stage of the season read –

                                   W        L         Pts      

Kilmore                       4          1          16

Wallan Wallan           3          2          12

Broadford Indep.      2          3          8

Darraweit Guim        1          4          4

 Ladder leaders Kilmore travelled to Heathcote to play the local team on Tues 7 Jun and were defeated 1-5 to 4-9.

18 June 1910 _ Lowry* (Wallan Wallan) kicked the only goal in his sides 1-5 to 0-1 win over the Broadford Independents – meaning he had kicked all his teams goals for the season in competition play thus far – 5 goals.

   * is this the Lowry that kicked all of Darraweit’s 4 goals in their win against Wallan Wallan the previous season ?

25 June 1910 postscript and resulting from the match between Kilmore and Broadford Independents played at Kilmore –

The Argus Sat 2 July 1910

 9 July 1910 in a goalless match at Darraweit the visiting Broadford Independents won 0-7 to 0-1

 23 July 1910 Broadford Independents defeated Wallan Wallan in a hard fought out match (no scores available).

1910 Final Ladder  –                       

                                    P        W        L        Pts    Guernsey Colours

Kilmore                      11        10        1          40      blue and white

Wallan Wallan          12        7          5          28      all maroon

Broadford Indep.     11        6          5          24      red and black (white shorts)

Darraweit Guim       12        0         12          0      red and blue

amended ladder (May 1911 – Kilmore 2 losses, Darraweit Guim 1 win (4pts) – some 10 months later !

KILMORE FC -Premiers 1910

                            Back Row – D Griffin, J Wallish, WF Ryan, W Sugden (Sec.), N Freyne                                        Second Row – J Rafferty, W Smith, AJ Evans, C Dillon, M Ryan, M Burrows, A Rutherford,        B McKenzie, unknown (head only –  obscured), H Carty, unknown (head only – obscured ), H Wortley            Third Row – W Campbell, W Shirley, I Geddes, J Britton (capt), J Lewis, J McDonald          Front Row – J Wallish, Gardiner (umpire), J Williams

The Kilmore club presented a gold medal to their Best All Round Player for the season in their captain J. Britton

Is the player M Ryan in the photo (above)the same player later recorded as playing with Wallan Wallan and Port Melbourne  (more further on) ?


Back Row – Charlie Cleve (with flags)

Second Row – _____, William (Bill) Munro, William Stockdale, _____, Vic Budd ?,

Hugh Munro, _____, Bill Patton ? (in College Guernsey) & ( _____ – in background)

Third Row – _____, Fred Cleve, Miles Harper, Albert Pratt, _____, _____, _____

Front Row – _____(in College Guernsey), _____, Umpire, _____

May 1911 – A Delegates meeting was held at the Railway Hotel, Wallan East.  After a long discussion Darraweit were once again granted a player radius of 10 miles.  GB Good was elected President, and the Vice-Presidents were T McKenzie (Darraweit Guim), W Rhodes (Kilmore), P Bidstrup (Broadford) and Smyth (Wallan Wallan), whilst WH Sugden was elected as Treasurer/Secretary.  A Tallarook delegate arrived very late at the meeting, but said that it would be impossible for the club to travel to Darraweit Guim – and consequently once again Tallarook were not admitted.  A credit balance of 10/10d was reported from the previous season and Entrance Fees were set at 10/-.  Darraweit were granted a 10 mile player radius and the other clubs 3 miles (with permission to apply for permits), and the Association affiliated with the VJFA.

Tallarook had a proven record and arguably the best overall record in the NE Association, in hindsight their admission may well have been an asset in the standard of competition they would have brought into the Central Mernda competition.  Though the club hadn’t reformed the previous season, they had played off in three recent NEFA Finals (1905 to 1907), and could well have contributed in raising the overall standard of local football, but alas distance was still a major issue in those long gone days ……….

Whilst this research has identified most of the matches played by all teams during the season, the final ladder does not appear to reflect scores and protests in the final points accurately…….?

C Stockdale was elected Captain of Wallan Wallan and Lyons as Vice-Captain before the first match against Kilmore.

10 June 1911 – Darraweit kept Kilmore scoreless – ‘Darraweit in form’.  Final scores – 2-5 to 0-0  Unfortunately the day was marred by the reported theft of a silver Rotheram watch from the vest belonging to Kilmore player Martin Morrows, which had been left on the table in the dressing rooms during the match.  A leather attachment was also taken.  The watch was valued at 6 Guinea’s, and was reported to the police which had the matter in hand.

Ladder after Round 3 (10 June) –

                                                    W        D          L          Pts

Darraweit Guim                          2          1          0          10

Broadford Independents          2          0          1          8

Wallan Wallan                           1           1          1          6

Kilmore                                       0          0          3          0

24 June 1911 – All games were postponed due to ‘inclement weather’, and played the following weekend (the original draw was thus put back one week)

08 July 1911 – Wallan Wallan and Darraweit drew 1-4 apiece witnessed by a crowd of 300-400 people – ‘an inquiry was held into this game, one Wallan Wallan player Lowry was under the influence’.  This was the second consecutive time during the season that the two teams had drawn their match against each other.

KFP Thursday 13 July 1911

The Darraweit team were severely affected due to an epidemic of influenza in the District throughout July with few residents escaping its effects.  During the month Darraweit were outplayed and lost consecutive matches against Broadford and Wallan Wallan.


Back Row– _____(in hat), Jimmy Dew, _____, _____

Second Row – Charlie Cleve (in hat & holding the bell), Bill Harper, 

Bill McBain, Vin Harper, Jack Harper (in hat), Bill Harper,

Bill Patton, Hugh Munro, Vic Budd,  William Hallet Stockdale Snr (in hat), Frank Harper ? (in hat)

Third Row – Fred Cleve, Miles Harper, Chas Stockdale (capt),

William Stockdale, _____, Vic Layton

Front Row – George Holmes, Albert Pratt, Umpire, Perg. Stockdale, _____,




from the Broadford Courier 7 July 1911

Followers of football in the CMFA are looking for a (silver) trophy which was presented to the Association by Mr Peter Bidstrup (Broadford) when the Association was formed in 1906.

According to the Advertiser some doubt existed as to which club was entitled to the cup, and the conditions under which it was given.  To settle the problem Mr. Bidstrup was appealed to and his reply was to the effect that it was to be won twice by one team.  Kilmore has won the cup once, Broadford once and it must be played for until one club has won it twice #.

Mr Ross said the cup was handed over to Kilmore last year when they were premiers.  Mr Gilbert contended Kilmore had no right to the cup.  It was won on protest by Britton.

The president asked ‘where is the cup now ’ ?

A Delegate replied ‘in pawn’

It was eventually agreed that at the end of the season the cup (which was located in the possession of the ex-president of the Kilmore club) be handed over to the premier team for 1911.

# more correctly the previous winners of the CMFA premiership had been-

1906 – Broadford Independents         1908 – Wallan Wallan

1907 – Wallan Wallan *                        1909 – Wallan Wallan

1910 – Kilmore

* 1908 season being the Wallan District Association


Then (and to be detailed later) with reference to the early August match when at home Darraweit 5-7 defeated Wallan Wallan 1-7, the KFP records the scores as 3-7 Wallan Wallan 2-7 (this being a frustrating time with on occasions varying scores being reported on games by different sources – often the ‘local correspondent’ recording the scores  slightly better, in their teams favour………)

BROADFORD (26 August) – In the Central Mernda Association Broadford Independents 6 goals 6 behinds beat Wallan Wallan 4 goals 4 behinds.  If Wallan are successful in their protest against Darraweit Guim, Broadford will win the premiership.  If Darraweit Guim are successful they will be premiers – from the ARGUS 28th August 1911

From a report on the Broadford Independents home game against Wallan Wallan played on 26 August 1911, and reported in the local newspaper the following Friday.  ‘Both teams had a very strong side, and the win to either team meant a big thing in view of the protest against Darraweit, and the premiership going to the winners of the Saturday’s match’.  The Independents won the match 6-4 to 4-4.  ‘A meeting of the Association was held on Tuesday evening (29/8) at Kilmore to consider the protest of Wallan against Darraweit.  A good deal of argument ensued, but it was found impossible to get the matter through and the meeting was adjourned to the 14th September, which also resulted in an adjournment

Press report of 7th September 1911

Over the 12 round season – the Wallan Wallan club after being on top of the ladder for the first two rounds, then spent five rounds in second place, before returning to top of the ladder once again in rounds 8 & 9. They then returned to second place for two weeks and in the final round dropped to third.  The Independents team had spent 10 of the first 11 round in third place……………………..!

Final Ladder (per Press report) –       

                                                W        D         L          Pts

Darraweit Guim                    8          1          3          34*

Broadford Independents     8          0          4          32

Wallan Wallan                      6          1          5          26*

Kilmore                                   1          0          11        4

* If indeed the printed ladder is correct then it is likely that Darraweit Guim had protested the result of one of their drawn matches against Wallan Wallan, and had thus been successful in doing so.

However per this research at this point the Final Ladder (not taking into account the two protests from the one game still to be heard) should have tentatively read –  

                                                  W         D         L       N/R        Pts

Darraweit Guim                       7          2          3          1          32*

Broadford Independents        8          0          4          0          32

Wallan Wallan                         6          2          4          1          28 *

Kilmore                                     1          0          11        0            4

 * and as per detailed above it is possible that  Darraweit Guim had successfully protested the result of one of their drawn matches against Wallan Wallan, and had thus been successful in doing so.  Thus Darraweit Guim would have been on 34 pts and Wallan Wallan 26 pts…………!

 Two outstanding protests involving the Darraweit and Wallan Wallan clubs from their match however still had to be heard, with Darraweit then counteracting the Wallan Wallan protest.

Wallan Wallan protesting that – Darraweit  had played five players who were not registered with the club, including a disqualified VFL Essendon player in Jim ‘Bull’Martin’ their ace full forward.

Darraweit Guim protesting that – Wallan Wallan player _ Lyons came from outside the permitted residency radius.

The matter and protests both when alleged and when dealt with at subsequent CMFA  Meetings received much widespread media attention both locally and I Melbourne.

Firstly however the local Press reported –


from the Kilmore Advertiser

The final match of the season was played at Darraweit on Saturday last 19/8/1911 against Wallan Wallan and resulted in a win for the home team who kicked 5 Goals 7 Behinds to 1 Goal 7 Behinds.  The two clubs had played some keen contests against each other during the season with one win apiece and two draws.


HOWEVER – when the protests were dealt with at the All Nations Hotel in Kilmore on 11 Sept , so complex were the allegations that the meeting eventually had to be adjourned until several evenings later on 22 Sept.  Both teams indeed were successful with their protests, so as both teams had broken the rules no pts were awarded to either team and the Broadford Independents were accordingly declared premiers (the Senior Broadford team having also won the North-Eastern premiership, after going through the season undefeated).

Whilst the Darraweit Delegates venomously denied all allegations against their club in an efforts to deflect the truth from being proven – in that Jim  ‘Bull’ Martin had never played in the game.  They appear to have got away with playing the other four players, but the decision was still to cost the Darraweit the premiership.  At least three of the remaining players also being leading Melbourne footballers as well – one of whom was the Carlton champion in Frank ‘Silver’ Caine (a comprehensive report on this scandal will appear in another story later to be posted on………..!

Damning and unfortunate for the Darraweit case, was when witnesses called upon in a Mr Ross* who watched the match, and happened to be a former member of the Essendon team.  Furthermore Mr Lewis of ‘The Springs’ Wallan Wallan, supported this evidence as he knew Martin quite well.

* Mr Ross detailed could well have been the G Ross-Soden who played one Senior game for Essendon in 1906, and/or he may primarily have been a Seconds player who played in the Essendon Town team.

It is believed that Ross and Lewis had only had identified after quite some time of the game had elapsed – and only when his ‘beret’ fell off, which he was accustomed to wearing – Martin being a ‘flaming’ red head then was swiftly identified.

In vain Darraweit tried different tacts, trying to declare the meeting informal and that the player in question was actually a registered Darraweit player by the name of James and not Martin.  A search by the CMFA Secretary registered players revealed that James had not played for Darraweit since 1910.

The motion that the protest be upheld was then put and five delegates voted for the motion and four against, and the he Chairman then declared the motion carried.

The protest against Wallan Wallan was then considered on the grounds that Wallan had played _ Lyons who lived out of the permissible radius.  After a somewhat lengthy discussion the protest was put out to a vote and four Delegates voted for on each side, with the Chairman gave his casting vote in favour of the motion that the protest was upheld.

Using ring-in players was nothing new to the District football competitions, sometimes ‘you got caught’ and other times ‘you got clean away with it’.

The Darraweit Guim FC particular habit was that of one fanatical supporter and administrator in Rod ‘Stumpy’ McKenzie who would take his horse and jinker virtually anywhere to collect and return him after the game – not always a legitimate player either !  A frequent tactic was to travel over to the Lancefield Junction RS or Romsey RS (just far enough away from suspicious eyes) to collect the ‘ring-in/s’ who had boarded the train in Melbourne.  This was the precise method the club had used to collect Martin and his four accomplices to Darraweit…..…… ‘Stumpy’ McKenzie was the Dairy Inspector for the Shires of Springfield, Newham, Woodend and Lancefield

In short Martin was serving a 12 week suspension for striking from the game 10 June game against Fitzroy, and two week later he was summoned, charged and fined in Court.  Afterwards Martin successfully had the legal charges imposed quashed (overturned), which placed the VFL in an awkward and embarrassing position, however the suspension stood.

What no one at the time realised though as the time was that one of the four other ‘ring-ins’ that day was Frank ‘Silver’ Caine the former Carlton captain and champion player.  As for the other three men who played, time appears now permanently protected their identity, though all were believed to have travelled from Melbourne.

FRANK ‘SILVER’ CAINE  played at Carlton between 1905-09 (80 games, 144 goals) including  4 VFL Grand-finals.   In 1910 after an internal upheaval at Princess Park at the start of the season when he the coach Jack Worrall* were pressured into resigning their positions, they both left the club.  A reform group had taken control and club and several other champions including Frank Caine, Fred Jinks, Charlie Hammond, George ‘Mallee’ Johnson, Harvey Kelly, Les Beck and Ted Kennedy all walked out on the club.  Caine then played in the Association with North Melbourne 1910-1911, before his former coach Jack Worrall who was now at Essendon pleaded for him to return to the VFL.  Between 1912-1914 he played at Essendon (22 games, 33 goals), and in that first season he played alongside Jim ‘Bull’ Martin in the 1912 premiership team.  He later finished his career back at North Melbourne.

JAMES ‘BULL’MARTIN was recruited from the Carlton Juniors in 1902 and he began his began his football career in the VFL that same season with Carlton (6 games, 2 goals), having debuted as a 17 yo.  He then played for Northcote (1903-06) in the Association where his rigorous style made him a feared player, before re-appearing  in the VFL in 1907 at Essendon where he topped the clubs goal kicking that season.  He played in two Grand-finals at Essendons during his 96 game career there (72 goals).  After playing the first 9 games of the 1913 season at Essendon he crossed to Fitzroy, and was a member of their winning Grand final side a few weeks later – playing alongside George Holden (who he had been suspended for striking two seasons previous).  Thus Martin became becoming the first VFL player to play in back to back premierships with different clubs.  In all he played one and a half seasons with Fitzroy (27 games, 16 goals).


                             James ‘Bull’Martin                                                        Frank ‘SILVER’ CAINE

The CMFA then amended FINAL and OFFICIAL Ladder for 1911 season (with no pts being awarded from the ‘Bull’ Martin match) as follows –

1911     –

Broadford Independents         32   

Darraweit Guim                             30

Wallan Wallan                               26

Kilmore                                            4

Per this research however the Final amended (yet another…..!) Ladder was incorrect and should have read  – 

                                                    W        D         L          N/R    Pts

Broadford Independents         8          0          4          0          32

Darraweit Guim                       6          2           3          1          28*

Wallan Wallan                         6          2           3          1          28*

Kilmore                                    1          0          11         0            4

 * If indeed the printed ladder is correct then it is likely that Darraweit had protested the result of one of their drawn matches against Wallan Wallan, and been successful in doing so.  Thus Darraweit Guim finished on 30 pts and Wallan Wallan on 26 pts………?

Still not satisfied Darraweit lodged yet another counter protest against Wallan, however the Association Secretary was quick to point out the Darraweits protest was informal as it was not accompanied with a 5/- deposit.   From an exchange between Mr Cummins (Darraweit) and the Association Secretary –

Mr. Cummins of Darraweit remarked –         ‘that it was not too late to pay the deposit now’.

To which the CMFA Secretary replied –         ‘no its not, do you mean to pay it’.

Mr Cummins further replied –                         ‘no, throw the petition in the fire’.

The full account of the Darraweit Guim FC and its attempt to win the 1911 premiership by including several VFL ‘ring-ins’ in their team including Jim ‘Bull’ Martin and Frank ‘Silver’ Caine as detailed above,  plus several other Melbourne men will appear here at at a future date.



With the Central Mernda Association not reforming in 1912 Delegates of the Darraweit, Lancefield and Kilmore formed the Dalhousie Football Association at a meeting held at the Royal Oak Hotel, Kilmore on 3 May 1912.  At a subsequent meeting held at the Post Office Hotel in Romsey on 13 May 1912 the Romsey and Wallan Wallan clubs were also represented.  The Hesket and Gisborne clubs had also shown an interest in joining the Association but did not take their places.   The Wallan Wallan application for admission then refused as the draw had already been made – and so they were left without an Association in which to play in for the season

Wallan Wallan had re-elected J Bourke as President and J Grills as Secretary for 1912 season, and they had agreed to have played their home matches alternatively at the Wallan East Railway Ground and the Township Ground.  The club also showed a credit balance of £1/14/11. On 27 April they played what was now their third Annual practice match against the Primrose Club (Fitzroy) – though in the previous two years they had gone by the name of Primrose Club (Collingwood).  The game was played at Wallan East – and  Wallan Wallan won  4-3 to 0-8.

The Wallan Wallan team despite not playing in an Association in 1912 however played several social matches, on 1 June 1912 Wallan Wallan lost against the Brunswick Juniors by 25 pts and were fortunate that the visitors kicking at goal was inaccurate.  Scores-  5-19 to 4-0

Another Home win is recorded five days later with the defeat of Boyle & Scott Juniors 4-3 to 2-1  This was followed by their first defeat of the season at home when in the return match the visiting Brunswick Juniors won 5-5 to 2-8.

Further losses were recorded in late June when they were again defeated 1-1 to 8-12 by the Queensberry Ramblers (North Melbourne) and then by Kilmore in early August in a game to aid a cause that needed assistance in raising funds for the Kilmore Mechanics Institute.  .  They concluded their season with a 4 pt win over a Railway Yard team (Spencer Street) in a friendly, well contested but low scoring affair, scores 1-5 to 1-1.

Empire Day 1912 the Wallan Wallan Schoolboys (this likely being the Wallan Wallan Juniors) played a match against the Donnybrook Schoolboys XXV at Wallan East (no scores available) having travelled up by train.  The defeated ‘scarcely got a single show’ with ‘the Wallan boys too good for them’.  

22 June 1912 at home Wallan Wallan were against soundly defeated by the visiting Queensberry Ramblers (North Melbourne by 53 pts.  Scores – 1-1 to 8-12

As the Dalhousie Association drew to a close teams were starting to lose interest, with Kilmore not fulfilling all its engagements.  With Darrweit Guim and Romsey equal on points Delegates decided they  should play off for second place at Kilmore on the casting vote of the Chairman.  The Romsey Delegates wanted the match to be played at Lancefield – in the view that Kilmore had withdrawn from the Association in early August it was asked ‘why should they be considered anyway ?’.  ‘The deed is did, and can’t be undid’ and ‘I don’t think much of the Kilmore sports anyway, why can’t they mind their own business now that they have withdrawn from the Association ?’.  It was decided that the winning club then was to play top team Lancefield in the Final at Romsey with Lancefield having the Right to Challenge on theri own ground should they lose the Final however lose the Final. 

The following Saturday Romsey forfeited to Darraweit (Romsey had beaten Darraweit four times during the season) and in the FINAL played on 24 August 1912 Darraweit 5-7 defeated Lancefield 4-6 at Romsey (the KFP records the Lancefield score as 3-7).  Owing to some disagreement among the Lancefield players several of their best did not take part in the match, and Lancefield did not exercise their right to demand a Challenge Match having been minor premiers.  So Darraweit Guim were deemed the Association premiership team for season 1912. 

Relations within the Association were obviously strained per a Press report the following week, as follows –

 from the Romsey Examiner Friday 30/8/1912 –

The ending up of the football season is disgraceful.  That Romsey should have kept their fair weather eye on Kilmore and Darraweit (the main line so handy *).  That both victors and vanquished alike had to part up at the football Association dinner at Lancefield on Saturday last – Contributed by NOBODY.  

*  is the above making the inference that Darraweit had possibly been relying on players from outside their allowable 13 mile radius ? Surely not  ……..!)


Strangely the four teams from the previous seasons Dalhousie Football Association all found themselves heading in different directions in 1913.  Three clubs entered into newly formed Associations as follows – Darraweit Guim (Midlands), Kilmore (Waranga North-East) and Romsey (Riddell District) whilst Lancefield were left without an Association to play in.  The three towns with football teams near Lancefield in Macedon, Woodend and possibly Newham entered into the reformed the Woodend District Football Association (sometimes referred to as the Macedon Association in the Press) along with Daylesford and Trentham making up the numbers).

The Midlands Association was formed on Thursday 22 May 1913 at a meeting held at Nurses Hotel in Wallan Wallan.  .  An anonymous donor gave 3 Guineas to be put towards the cost of a trophy which was to be presented to the premier team.  The Association adopted the Dalhousie Association rules with a couple of amendments including allowing three players from each club to play with permits (for residents who live outside the allowable radius).

The commencements of the season was delayed by one week as a mark of respect when E Cummins* a leading member of the Darraweit cricket and football clubs passed away.  He was described as ‘a fair and upright man in all his actions’. 

* possibly the Edward William Cummins who died at Wallan aged 47 ?

During the season the Association was sometimes incorrectly referred to as the Central Mernda Football Association (CMFA) by the local press.

Initially the Broadford senior team withdrew from the newly formed Waranga North-East Association (which combined the old North-East and Waranga Associations) to join the newly formed Midland Association, however they later reconsidered and only fielded their second side the Independents in the ‘Southern Association’  Given Broadford’s recent successes in the old NE Association it may have been well for the other Midland clubs that they did indeed reconsider their options as they had played off in the previous five NE Grand Finals  – being premiers in 1909 and 1911, and runners up in 1908, 1910 and 1912.  Kilmore initially indicated that they would field two teams, however the senior team latter also joined the new WNEFA had still had sufficient players to also enter a junior team in the newly formed Midlands Association.

Thurs 12 June 1913 PRAHRAN COURT – a charge of offensive behaviour was preferred against Joshua Cawthorne. The offence was alleged to have taken place at the Prahran railway station on Monday.  Thomas Tovey the booking clerk, stated that a number of passengers had caused a disturbance. Some of them made an attempt to strike witness, and defendant used offensive language. James O’Hehir, booking clerk, came from the opposite platform, and defendant attempted to strike him. There was frequently trouble at the Prahran station with young fellows, although Prahran was not so bad. Defendant told Constable Sickerdick that he had only gone to the assistance of a friend.  Defendant said he had come back from Wallan with others after playing in a football match. He handed up his ticket, and passed through the wicket gate. Someone smacked him on the face, but he took no notice of it. He next saw three men on his mate, and he endeavoured to pull them off.  He denied having struck O’Hehir, or having used bad language.  A fine of 20/- was imposed.

21 June at the College, ACK ‘B’ team 13-9 defeated Wallan State School 3-7, with L Stockdale kicking all the WSS goals. On the previous occasion these two teams had met (date unknown) at Wallan Wallan the College (Kilmore) team had won by 9-13 to nil.

28 June 1913 in a match marred with poor kicking towards goal at Wallan Wallan the home team defeated Broadford Independents 1-10 to 1-7.

On the same day the Wallan State School 7-5 soundly defeated College (Kilmore) 1-1.

5 July – College ‘C’ team vs Wallan State School (result unknown)

In the ACK report on football senior matches played for the first half of 1913, there is no reference to any matches against a Wallan Wallan team.

_ Oliver who frequently appeared in the Wallan Wallan best players towards the end of the 1913 season is recorded as a ‘Melbourne player’ (no other details known).  There was however a George C Oliver who played one Senior game for Melbourne back in 1909 season after being recruited from Maldon.

George’s C Oliver brothers in Les played with Richmond 1909-1913 & 1915 (50 games, 10 goals) and Norman M played with Collingwood between 1909-1911 9 (33 game, 2 goals) which included playing in the 1910 premiership win over Carlton.  Les a centreman who represented Victorian against South Australia in 1913 was one of the sturdiest players in the League as well as being the fastest – and he used to do a 200 miles round trip from South Bendigo to train and play with Richmond.

Norman Oliver (Collingwood 1910)

All three brothers were speedy George had a 2nd place finish in the Final of the 1909 Stawell Gift by half a yard – he was also a Finalist at Bendigo in 1908. Les was a winner of several Gifts including Castlemaine 1916 and of both the Bendigo and Maryborough Gifts in 1913, also obtaining a 3rd place at Bendigo  – and in that same season starting as favourite was beaten into 3rd place in the final of the Stawell Gift.  Whilst Norman a Wingman had won amongst other events the 1905 Shepparton Gift and the 220 yards Handicap at Stawell.


The Lancefield FC who in 1913 had found itself without an Association to play in (yet again), still formed a  club  – on 19 July 1913 the Police Club Football team played a combined Lancefield District team at Lancefield, resulting in an easy win to the visitors.  The match was followed by a dinner and concert.  During the season the Police Club played nine matches in Melbourne and also made trips to Wallan, Rutherglen, Maryborough and Warragul – unfortunately though details of the match played at Wallan appear not to have survived. 

 A return match between Lancefield District and the Police FC was played on Wednesday 17 September at the MCG.  The players were met at Spencer Street with half the players going for a dray ride to the southern suburbs and the other half went motoring with Dr J Chandler (President of the Fitzroy FC).  The Police team were pitted with experience to make up for what lacked in youth, and had no shortcomings in regards to height or weight.  They were then entertained with lunch before the game commenced.  The line ups for each team proved to be a  virtual ‘who’s who of football’, with the Lancefield team bolstered by including as its captain I Johnston (formerly of North Melbourne), William Payne (Carlton), William Sykes (Melbourne), David McNamara (Essendon) and Frank Caine (Essendon).  Whilst the Police team boasted such names as Andrew Pattison and James Porter (Fitzroy), William Hore and FH Scott (St. Kilda), Fred Fielding (Collingwood, Jack Woolley (Essendon), William Johnson (Carlton), Bernie Herbert and Fisher (Richmond), George Johnson and David Ryan (Prahran), Doug Gillespie, George Gibson and Harry Harker (Brunswick) and _ Jones (Melbourne City). 

 Final Score – Lancefield District 5-9 lost to Police Club 13-13.

 Lancefield District goals – Caine 3, McNamara 1, Amos 1

Police Club goals – Burke 5, Fielding 4, Gillespie 1, Harker 1, Ryan 1, Porter 1.

 That evening the visitors were guest of the Police at a dinner held in their honour. 

2 August 1913 in the second last round (round 11) Wallan Wallan suffered their first defeated for the season when they were surprisingly beaten by the Kilmore Juniors (no scores available), although the press ‘imagined Wallan had a poor team’.

1913 Final ladder –

                                                  P        W       D        L         Pts      Captains

Wallan Wallan                         12        11        0          1          44        AH Pratt

Broadford Independents       12        6          1          5          26        S Horwood

Kilmore Juniors                       12        4          0          8          16            ?

Darraweit Guim                       12        2          1          9          10        Lyon (from Beveridge)

The Age newspaper recorded the final ladder as – Wallan Wallan 44, Broadford Independents 30, Kilmore Juniors 12, Darraweit Guim 6 (which is a total of 4 pts short)

FINAL – 17 August 1913 the Broadford Independents 4-11 defeated Wallan Wallan 4-6 at Kilmore.  For Wallan

Wallan GOALS  – M Ryan, Little, Stockdale & Pratt  BEST – M Ryan, Oliver, Stockdale (2), Little & Pratt.  After two protests by Wallan Wallan the match was deemed as draw.  The Gate of £10 was divided between the four MFA clubs.

Best on Ground –  Cecil Temple (Broadford)

Protests –          1. that Cecil Temple (Broadford) who had been playing for Broadford in the N-E Association, had not obtained a clearance – Protest was dismissed & 2.  that goal the umpire J Mooney incorrectly gave a goal to Broadford. Protest Upheld.

The Association ordered that the match be replayed.

FINAL REPLAY – 24 August 1913 the Broadford Independents 7-9 defeated Wallan Wallan 2-2 at the Kilmore Showgrounds in an exciting match.  For Wallan Wallan GOALS – Little & Stockdale and BEST – (same as in previous game).  The result was unsuccessfully protested by Wallan Wallan, who then exercised their right to a Challenge Final). The Gate of £10/7/6 which was divided 2/3 to the four MFA clubs and 1/ 3 to the Kilmore Hospital.

Protest –           Dispute of a permit granted to Cecil Temple of the Broadford team was illegal, and also stating that the Semi-Final if necessary be played over again   – Protest was dismissed.

So as minor premiers the Wallan Wallan club used their Right to Challenge

CHALLENGE FINAL -31 August 1913 the Broadford Independents 6-6 defeated Wallan Wallan 4-4 at Wallan Wallan.  Broadford had now won all three Finals played.  However interest may have been waning amongst spectators as the Gate had dropped to £5/5/-, and yet again a Protest was lodged with MFA by the Wallan Wallan club.

Protest –           That Cecil Temple (Broadford) was again included in the Independents team.

Quarter by Quarter –

Broadford Independents            2-2       2-3       5-5       6-6

Wallan Wallan                              0-1       2-1       3-4       4-4

Note – Interestingly when a social function held at Wallan refers to the local football club as Wallan East, with T Nurse (of  Wallan East) as the Treasurer……….




Yet another unsatisfactory end to the season’.

The Broadford Independents defeated the Wallan Wallan side comfortably in all of the three finals that were played.  The first final had to be replayed as the Wallan Wallan club had successfully protested that a Broadford behind had been awarded as a goal, thus the game was actually drawn.  Then after losing the Final replay, they protested over the right of Cecil Temple’s eligibility to play for Broadford, as he was a Seymour player, with the delegates dismissing the appeal at a hearing was held at a meeting held in the Royal Oak Hotel, Kilmore.  So Wallan Wallan exercised their right to a Challenge Final as they were the minor premiers and they were beaten again.  In the Wallan Wallan club had in the meantime appealed to the Victorian Junior Football Association that the match would have to be played over again with Cecil Temple to be left out of the Broadford team, with the appeal being upheld.  At a meeting of Delegates held on 17 September 1913 present – GB Good (in the chair), Messrs Gureanacky and Toohey (Kilmore), Messrs Hudson and Horwood (Broadford) and Messrs Carson and Grills (Wallan Wallan) correspondence from the VJFA was read stating that the permit granted to S Temple of the Broadford was illegal, and stated that the semi-final and final if necessary, be played over again.  After a great deal of further discussion Mr Horwood (Broadford) stated that they were willing to play one match at Kilmore, but Wallan wanted the Right to Challenge should they lose, and was seconded by Mr Toohey (Kilmore) – however this motion was not carried.  Mr Carson (Wallan Wallan) then moved that the two matches be replayed over again (as directed by the VJFA) with the semi-final to be played at Kilmore and the final at Wallan Wallan if necessary, this was seconded by Mr Grills (Wallan Wallan).  However as the Delegates could not arrive at any decision a motion by Mr Horwood (Broadford) was agreed to, that there would be no further finals played and that the premiership would be withheld, with the trophy a cheque set aside for 3 Guineas be given to the Kilmore Hospital. This motion was seconded by Mr Carson (Wallan Wallan) – possibly somewhat surprisingly !!!! – and the motion was carried.  A vote of thanks was passed to the Chairman and the Meeting rose.

Given that the VJFA had upheld the Wallan Wallan appeal, the Association Delegates indeed made a poor decision in not ensuring that the Final series was completed.  Clearly as the VJFA had overruled Cecil Temple’s eligibility to have played in the Finals the Wallan Wallan team still had the Right to Challenge if they had of lost the Fourth Final !  That said and though Wallan Wallan finished the home and away matches some 18 pts clear of Broadford, the Broadford team having won all three Finals were desperately unlucky not to have been declared the premiership team.

In August 1913 the local Broadford Association (likely the Midlands Association ?) was Registered as a Junior Association with the Waranga North-East Football Association.  This was likely so, in that the Waranga N-E clubs could ‘recruit the better players’ or ‘top up their sides as required’ from the Broadford and even the Kilmore teams in particular………!

26 Sept 1913 at Wallan Wallan the home team defeated Whittlesea from the Bourke-Evelyn Association by 18 pts.  Score 7-12 to 5-6, with best for Wallan Wallan named as Ryan, Daly. Cummins and Stockdale, whilst the correspondent (from Whittlesea) acknowledged other players also played well for the winners but that he did not know their names …..!

30 September 1913 the Wallan Wallan FC held a complimentary Smoke night at Nurses Hotel, Wallan East.  The Best All Round Player award of a handsome silver mounted pipe (donated by Mr O’Hanlon) was won by a large majority by Mick Ryan after a ballot taken by the players.

 Wallan Wallan FC wound up the 1913 season with a balance of £6, after a Plain and Fancy Dress Ball held at Nurses Hall on Wednesday 15 October.  The evening’s prizes of £1/1/- for Best Sustained Lady Character was shared between Mrs Ranewell (early Victorian) and Miss Nellie Egan (night) and 10/6 for Best Gentleman Character was won by Bert Anderson (dummy clown – ‘this was excellently carried out’).  Music was supplied by the Kings Band of Willow Mavin and catering by Mr J Hooker of the Continental Cage, Melbourne.

The Riddell District Association (which survives to today as the Riddell District League) was formed in 1913 from the remnants of several Associations that had been playing in those surrounding Districts.  Wallan have since on three separate occasions been a member of the RDFL.

In 1914 the Midland Association was reformed at a meeting held at the Railway Hotel in Wallan East.  It was decide to use umpires from the surrounding District as clubs the previous season had struggled to afford the cost of Melbourne umpires.

‘The formation of the Darraweit club this season has come as a bit of a shock to the wirepullers or the wreckage of the Wallan club as it was persistently rumoured that the Deep Creek villagers would not be able to form a team.  So the malcontents thought that they would be able to rope in a good number of Darraweit players should the Wallan East and Wallan players withdraw from the club.  This plot however has been badly miscarried through Darraweit reforming its own club.  The Wallan Wallan club had been experiencing internal problems before the season had even started.    In April the club was involved in a split as to where their home ground should be for the coming season –  it was almost a certainty that they were arguing over whether it  should be in Wallan Wallan or Wallan East ? A perennial issue that had ‘raised its head’ on more than one occasion within the local football and cricket clubs over the years.

‘Wallan will probably take to the field this year in a very weakened condition.  Through a few ‘busybodies’ who have effectively succeeded in breaking up the old club and this season will only be a shadow of its former self, as all the leading players have practically withdrawn.  Some of these will probably take to the field with the newly reformed Wandong’.

On 18 April 1914 the Wallan Wallan FC had held a meeting at Nurses Hall to consider the present position of the club regarding the split that had occurred over the question of a playing ground.  However nothing was achieved at the meeting and the Secretary tabled a motion that the club be disbanded and that all subscriptions and donation received so far this season be returned and that all money lying to the credit of the club be handed over to the Kilmore Hospital.  This action was taken with the object of clearing the air and to bring both condescending sections of the club together, to save it going to pieces.  The Meeting was then adjourned until 25 April (no further details known per this research).

13 April 1914 (Easter) the Richmond Juniors FC easily defeated a weak team of the Wallan Wallan club in a match played on the Wallan Public Park. 

On the same weekend the Wallan East FC (thus indicating a club was actually formed) were ‘much too strong’ in defeating a club from Oakleigh.

25 Apr 1914 at a meeting of the Wallan Wallan FC it was decided not to disband the club, but to play all matches on the Wallan Park ground.  It is reported that the Railway and Wallan East players are going to form a rival club.

6 June 1914 Darraweit were at home against the Kilmore Juniors  – ‘the umpire knew nothing about the game, he lost control right from the start.  New Darraweit players tried to kill or disable some of the Kilmore lighter men’.  Kilmore players reported having a bad time, one of their players having his front teeth knocked out….  The visitors won 2-8 to 2-6

16 June 1914 Kilmore lost to Wallan Wallan though they later protested that Wallan Wallan player W Stockdale had played in two Associations.  It was later found that Wallan Wallan had not obtained a permit for W Stockdale (a Wallan Wallan regular for many seasons) as he had played some games for Port Melbourne in the VFA earlier in the season, so the result was reversed in the Kilmore clubs favour. (More details further on……….)

The Herald 3 July 1914

 A submission to The Herald newspaper (above), conflicts with local Press reports and does throw some confusion as to whether the Kilmore Juniors were awarded the 4 pts…….!

20 June 1914 Darraweit inflicted the Wallan Wallan team first on ground defeat in round 4, Scores – Darraweit Guim 4-6 defeated Wallan Wallan 3-1 – ‘Wallanites at quarter time started to look to see if there were any ‘Martine’ outside of their own, and satisfied themselves -there were none but qualified players’ – referring to the 1912 ‘Bull’ Martin incident, Wallan still hadn’t forgotten !

21 June 1914 the College B (Seconds team) played to Wallan State School at Kilmore in their return match. On the last occasion these teams meet at Wallan the College boys won by 9-13 to nil.   However the College team were too strong once again winnings 13-9 to 3-7.  The College team carried too much weight for the visitors, who nevertheless played a pleasing gams and the contest was fought in the most friendly manner and although beaten the Wallan boys were not at all downhearted.  L Stockdale played exceptionally well for the visitors, he followed right through the game and gave promise of following in all his brother’s footsteps as a good footballer.  Little Holmes did some good work following and half back, he being a good player and makes very few errors.  Another visitor who shone out brilliantly was Johnson, he is only a mite, but is and an exceptionally fine and clean little player. Captain Pauline, McKendrick and Randell also played well for the wallan Wallan team.  Carroll kicked 7 of the College team’s goals to share the best player honours for the College team with Williams.  L Stockdale scored all 3 of the Wallan Wallan goals. 

28 June 1914 Wallan Juniors 7-5 defeated Marist Brothers Juniors (Kilmore)  C team 1-1

11 July 1914 Darraweit Guim 0-0 lost to Wallan Wallan 1-8 – The Darraweit team walked from the ground early in the second quarter.  (the KFP records the Wallan Wallan score as 4-8).  As Darraweit walked from the ground one of their players rushed up and struck the central umpire on the head.  Several opposing players then took to the part of the umpire and for a time there was a melee until police stepped in and stopped the show.  Wallan Wallan successfully protested and was awarded the game.  This is was the only instance of Darraweit leaving the ground or completing the match without scoring–the other occasion back in 1892, were the press report did not record any behinds that were possibly scored.


Protests – from the Kilmore Advertiser Saturday 25th July 1914

Thursday 23 July 1914 – ‘A stormy meeting’ held at the Tower Hotel, Wallan proved to be one of the liveliest held in connection with the Association.  Present were T Dykes (President), J Grills (Secretary), Delegates – J Bourke and T Carson (Wallan) WH Sugden and W Smith (Kilmore Juniors), J Harper and A Steen (Wandong), M Aungier and M Cummins (Darraweit).

First heard was Kilmore Juniors protest against Wallan Wallan for fielding W Stockdale in Round 3 which Wallan Wallan had won 3-4 to 1-2.  The protest was upheld and Mr Carson (Wallan Wallan) congratulated Kilmore on winning the protest.  WH Sugden (Kilmore) rubbed salt into the wound by adding ‘Ah! You will admit that we had enough brains to work up a protest?’  To which Mr Carson replied ‘Oh, yes !, you had the brains enough, but had no principle in protesting over the matter, and Kilmore did not support Wallan last year when they protested Broadford on much stronger grounds’.  At this point the Chairman then stopped further discussion on this question.  W Stockdale had been playing for Port Melbourne in the VFA and contravened the VJFA rule that a player could not play in two different Associations without a permit.

A strongly worded letter was then read from umpire H Lewis against the Darraweit club, and one by the Darraweit club against Lewis, and also against the secretary of the Association Mr J Grills for appointing Lewis to umpire the last match between Darraweit and Wallan Wallan (and not altering the fixtures as requested by the Darraweit club).

The Secretary responded that it was a well recognised rule of all Associations to take no notice of a single club objecting to an umpire’s appointment, and the he was not going to be dictated to by Darraweit or any other single club.

Mr Cummins then made an attack on the secretary and moved that in view of the umpire the secretary was to blame.  This was seconded by Mr Aungier.  Cummins continued with a long speech, telling the secretary what he should have done, to which the secretary replied ‘ that Mr Cummins did not know what he was talking about’.

In conclusion an amendment was moved and seconded that the Secretaries decision was the correct one, and that it be endorsed by 6 votes to 2.

A protest by the Wallan club against Darraweit for leaving the ground early in the second quarter on July 11th and claiming the 1 Guinea umpires fee, the sum of £1 for loss of gate money through the Darraweit clubs action, also claiming the match, was next considered –  however Mr Carson added that the club ‘would not claim the 1 Guinea  if the match was awarded to Wallan’.

A counter protest was heard from the Darraweit club claiming the match through the Secretary of the Association not rearranging the umpires when requested to do so by the Darraweit club.  The secretary pointed out that the protest was informal as it was not accompanied with a 5/- deposit –

Mr Cummins remarked – ‘that it was not too late to pay the deposit now’.

The secretary – No its not, Do you mean to pay it ?

Mr Cummins – No, throw the petition in the fire

The counter petition was then declared informal.

Mr Cummins then moved an amendment to Mr Carsons motion “that the match be played over again under a neutral umpire.  This was seconded by Mr Aungier.

Mr Lewis the umpire was then called in and questioned by Mr Sugden as to whether the game was abandoned by Darraweit or not.  Lewis replied that it was –

Mr Lewis –      I blew the whistle, but not a single Darraweit player was on the ground.

Mr Sudgen –    Did you bounce the ball in the centre to try to restart the game?

Mr Lewis –      No

Mr Bourke (Wallan) – The umpire could not bounce the ball in the centre as when the game was stopped a Wallan man had secured the mark in front of goal and had not had his kick when Darraweit went off the ground.  Mr Sugden then insisted that the umpire should bounce the ball in the

Mr Bourke –     Wot rot.  The umpire would have exceeded his duty had he done so.

A vote was taken with the Kilmore Delegates supporting Darraweit and the Wandong Delegates not voting either way – by a vote of 4 to 2  it was decided to order the match to be replayed.

The President Mr T Dykes then remarked that they may as well throw the Midland Association rules in the fire, as they could not play a match under a neutral umpire without rescinding the rule that local umpires be appointed.

Mr Carson said that Wallan would certainly appeal to the VJFA against the extraordinary vote just taken.

Mr Aungier – If you appeal, it will only be to claim the match, and not to enforce the penalties claimed by Wallan.

The Secretary said that if an appeal was lodged the whole of the protests would have to go before the Melbourne Association.  The Secretary further asked what was going to be done as regards the bitter complaints of Darraweit against umpire (Harry) Lewis, and the latter’s complaint of rough and brutal play on the part of Darraweit?

Umpire Lewis was called in and questioned, and gave an instance of cowardly play in the last match between Darraweit and Wandong, when a Wandong player was brutally pushed from behind by a Darraweit player who had secured the ball, and when the ball was taken from him and a free kick given to the Wandong man the Darraweit player threw the ball at the umpire.

Messrs. J Harper and A Steen (Wandong’s delegates) supported the umpire in his statement, the latter remarking that the Victorian League had ruled that the most brutal and cowardly action in football was to push a player from behind who was in the air going for a mark.

Mr Carson asked the Kilmore and Wandong delegates if they were satisfied with Lewis’s umpiring, and both clubs said that they were.

It was decided to change Messrs Lewis and Geddes appointments for July 18th and August 25th ; Geddes to umpire the two Darraweit matches on those dates and Lewis the Wandong –Wallan and Wallan-Kilmore matches.

A vote of thanks to the chairman closed a somewhat stormy and lengthy meeting.

Mr Carson advised all that Wallan intended to lodge an appeal to the VDJA against the decision of the Midlands Association ordering the match of July 11th to be played over again.  They claim that by going off the ground Darraweit forfeited all claim to the match and are also liable under the Midlands Association for the payment of the umpires fee and expense for not fulfilling their engagement.  Darraweit was also liable to a penalty of 1 Guinea under law 14 of the Australian rules of football as adopted by the Victorian Junior Football Association for leaving the field before the termination of the match.

The Wallan club will also claim that the Midland Association had no power to order the game to be played over again under a neutral umpire.  All they could have done was to have ordered that the match be resumed at the stage which it was stopped under the same umpires.

When the game ended so abruptly, Wallan against the wind had kicked 1 goal 8 behinds to Darraweit nil.

*  The umpire detailed above H Lewis was later the – Capt. Frances ‘Harry’ Lewis (who was for several years was a playing member of the Wallan Wallan FC, before umpiring in the Midlands Association for a couple of seasons), he was later killed in France in 1916.   As to if Harry was the same Lewis of ‘the Springs’ Wallan who in 1911 was a witness for the Wallan club at the protest hearing regarding the ‘Bull’  Martin affair, –  and whose evidence contributed  strongly to the  Delegates decision that cost the Darraweit team the 1911 premiership is not known.

From the KFP Wallan Correspondent the following May (1915) before the commencement of the football season – Wallan Wallan were awarded the match from the previous season when Darraweit walked from the ground.  However the club decided not to ask for the payment of the fines amounting to £5/3/- that was inflicted on the Darraweit club, and this was looked upon as a generous gesture by the Association – as otherwise all the Darraweit players would be disqualified from playing with any club during 1915 in any Association affiliated with the VJFA until the fines had been paid.  However as Darraweit did not field a team the following season the Wallan club may have been anticipating that several of the former Darraweit players would play for then – and accordingly it  would not have been in their best interest to have persued the payment of the 3 Guineas ! Whatever the feelings were of the Darraweit players and club towards the Wallan Wallan club is not known, but likely can today be guessed upon…….  However the remaining Darraweit footballing men in the district the following season elected to play with the new club Beveridge.……………!

Amended ladder prior to the commencement of Rd8 was as follows –

                                     W        D         L           Pts

Wallan Wallan             5          0          2          20

Kilmore Juniors          5          0          2          20

Darraweit Guim         2          2          3          12

Wandong                      0          2          5          4

With Wallan Wallan having their round 3 points taken from them (though the determination was not made until after round 7 was completed) and then losing to Darraweit the following week – the Kilmore club were effectively 8 points clear on top of the ladder after Round 4.

Results of 4 the 10 games played in the last five rounds are unfortunately not known, as follows : Rd 8 – Darraweit Guim vs Kilmore Juniors, Rd 9 – Kilmore Juniors vs Wandong, R10 – Darraweit Guim vs Wandong and Rd 12 Wandong vs Darraweit

It appears Kilmore unexpectedly lost on if not both of these above named matches, which likely explains why the Kilmore they forfeited their Rd 12 (final round) match against Wallan Wallan – as it would have been anticipated they might have been on 32 pts just 4 pts behind Wallan Wallan with their last match against Wallan Wallan still to be played……..!

Final ladder with known results including the final round forfeit as follows –

1914 Final ladder –

                                       P         W        D          L         Pts

Wallan Wallan             12        10        0          2          40

Kilmore Juniors          10        6          0          4          24

Darraweit Guim          9          2          2          5          12

Wandong                      9          0          2          7          4

Despite all the internal turmoil within the Wallan Wallan club before the season had even commenced, they succeeded in finishing on top of the ladder – thus it was likely that most if not all of its leading players eventually returned to the club.  Incorrectly though they were debited with just the one loss by the reporting Press, that against Darraweit in round 4.  However they also later lost the points gained for their win in round 3 when they had fielded W Stockdale.

The Kilmore Advertiser of 8 August 1914 refers to the Wallan Wallan club as premiers again, however this is incorrect as the trophy was withheld in 1913……….!

For a possible comparison of the standard of competition in the local Association compared with that of the neighbouring Bourke –Evelyn Association (where later a combined Darraweit Guim, Wallan and Wandong FC would compete under the name of the Midland Rovers FC), in Oct 1914 Wallan Wallan played a match against Whittlesea who had finished third marginally behind the second placed team in a six team competition.  Scores were Wallan Wallan 7-12 to Whittlesea 5-6 at Wallan.  A return match was arranged at Whittlesea the following week, however this match was played in Fancy Dress, with all monies raised to be donated to the Patriotic Fund.  Whittlesea won the match 6-6 to 3-6 with  £5 being raised.

Private William ‘Billy’ C Stockdale (No. 990 – 6th Bn.) the son of William and Agnes Stockdale (and brother of Bryan, Chas and Perg) of Darraweit Guim, left with the first contingent of the Australian Expeditionary Force and was killed in The Great War at Gallipoli (only thirteen days after the first landing) on 8th May aged 28 – as he left the landing boat he was shot and reputedly was dead before he hit the water.  Born at Moranding in 1887, educated at the Marist Brothers Kilmore, and having spent the greater part of his young life at Wallan Wallan – he was a member of Wallan Wallan’s 1911 football team, and a was leading player with the club for a number of seasons (including Vice-President in 1912).  Continuing family tradition be had become a farmer at Wallan Wallan.

In 1914 his footballing exploits had caught the attention of the Port Melbourne FC in the VFA.  The Port team had endured a dismal 1913 season and were keen to rebuild their side, and William was seen as a potential weighty ruckman.  Port won the season opener against Hawthorn and they were keen to include William for the second match.  Indeed the following Saturday (18/4) William was brought into the side to debut at home against Northcote before a crowd of some 3000.  William scored an early behind at Port lead all day and he was recorded after the match as a player gave promise of better things. In a game they should have won by more than the eventual 26 pts but for some poor kicking at goal the final scores were 7-23 to 5-9.  However he was stood down the following week and did not reappear in the next three rounds, and after such a promising start to the season Port lost all three of these games. William was recalled in Rd 6 (17/5) in one of three changes to the side against Brunswick.  Port were gallant but lost this game 11-8 to 14-18, and William was out of the side again the following week, and it seems he never reappeared.


          William Stockdale (Wallan Wallan FC – 1911)                    William Stockdale – AIF 1914

His last game of competition football was likely with his home town Wallan Wallan team when they defeated  Kilmore 3-4 to 1-2 on 13 June 1914.  However Kilmore put in a protest that Stockdale had played with two Associations.  It was found that Wallan Wallan had to obtain a permit for his to return to them and Kilmore were awarded the game.  A sad end to William Stockdale’s playing career were at Wallan Wallan he was a premiership player in 1907, 1908, 1909 and also played in the debacle Final series of 1913. He would have taken much pride though in that Wallan Wallan went on to with the 1914 premiership.

His is recorded as being of a cheery disposition and a first class sport with a strict fairness.  William was one of the first enlistments signing up on 18 August 1914.  A brother was also fighting at the Dardanelles at the time of his death.

Port Melbourne did rally to record several more wins but finished the 1914 season in 8th place out of 10 teams with 7 wins and 11 losses.

On Sunday 27 June 1915 the Port Melbourne players wore crepe arm bands in honour of their former 1914 fallen team mate William Stockdale when they played North Melbourne.  Unfortunately Port were unable to record a win, losing the match 4-5 to 9-13.

Likely the W Stockdale who also competed at the St Patricks Day H.A.C.B. S. Sports Meeting in Kilmore on Friday 17 March 1911.  With results as follows –

Handicap Hurdle (130 yards)* ranked no.2     – Heat 1 – 1st W Stockdale (7 yds),   Final – unplaced

75 Yard Gift  ranked no 1                                       – Heat 2-  2nd W Stockdale (2 yds) , Final – unplaced

Sheffield Handicap ranked no. 1                          –  however did not qualify for final

* in Heat 2 of this event 2nd C Stockdale (7 yds), Final – 3rd  (5/- prizemoney)

From the Wallan East Athletic Sports held on 18 March 1912, is which he won the Final of the Distance Handicap –

Hurdle Race (120 yards)                               Heat 1 – 2nd W Stockdale (10½ yards), Final – unplaced

Distance Handicap                                        Heat 2 – 1st W Stockdale, Final 1st

Much more is available on William and his excellence as an athlete (as per the above example), that may be worthy of another story in itself.


Towards the end of April 1915 Wallan Wallan player Jack Lewis was granted a permit to play for South Melbourne Districts in the Victorian Junior Football Association, a competition where some VFL and VFA clubs entered their Seconds team.  He instantly established himself in the SMD team, with the following being recorded (and by no means a complete record) on Jack’s season –

24/4 vs Ascot Vale – lost – J Jewis played finely

1/5 vs Yarraville – won – J Lewis in best players (the eventual runners-up)

15/5 vs Preston – likely won – J Lewis was prominent

29/5 vs Williamstown – J Lewis in best players

16/6 possibly defeated Footscray (the eventual premiers)

3/7 Jack Lewis out injured

17/7 vs Preston – J Lewis returned after a long spell and played well

31/7 vs Williamstown – J Lewis in prominent players

14/8 vs Footscray – J Lewis was Bet on Ground

Ladder at commencement of Finals

SMDFC finished the season in 7th place some 3 games out of the Final Four. Footscray went on to with the Final defeating Yarraville 5-9 to 2-8, to become the first winners of the new John Wren Shield

In May 1916 at half time in the SMDFC match against Ascot Vale, Jack Lewis was congratulated by the club on having joined the AIF, and was at that time one of 33 former players as of then having done so.

Kilmore Advertiser Sat 15 May 1915

 April 1915 at the Wallan Easter Sports – V ‘Mick’ Ryan* (Wallan Wallan) won the ‘Kicking the Football’ competition from nearly 30 entrants with a longest kick of nearly 89 yards.  Mick appears on the 1913-1916 Electoral Rolls as being a railway employee at Wallan East.

*  the printed ‘initial’ of Ryan’s christian name over the next several seasons is indeed the source of some conjecture in various footballing records, and as to Mick’s precise playing record at the highest level in Melbourne- as detailed further on.

As before the commencement of the football season the Wallan Wallan club also lost the service of their leading player in the big Mick Ryan who had left the District for Port Melbourne where he played as a Follower and Backman with the local VFA club, after the VFL club South Melbourne had tried hard but unsuccessfully to secure him.

He debuted for the Red and Blues of Port Melbourne in Round 1 (24 April 1915) away against North Melbourne.  Though defeated by 16 pts glowing reports on Mick’s debut are recorded in the various Melbourne Press as follows –

‘no one did better than Ryan (Back and Following) but his kicking can stand improvement’

‘ played a remarkable game and saved Port on more than one occasion’

‘made a good start’

Mick quickly established himself in the Port Melbourne team as one of their leading player, playing in 13 of their 14 matches during the season

Example of a Port Melbourne team sheet 1915

Final Association Ladder for 1915 –

                                   W       D        L          Pts

North Melbourne     13        0          0          52

Brunswick                 10        0          3          40

Williamstown            9         0          4          36

Port Melbourne        9          0          4          36

Prahran                      8          1          4         34

Footscray                   7          0          6          28

Northcote                  3          2          8          16

Essendon Town        2         0          11          8

Brighton                     1          1         11         6

Hawthorn                  1          0         12          4

Final – North Melbourne defeated Brunswick by 48 pts

Mick does not appear to have returned to the club the following season.

The Encyclopedia of League Footballers (Main and Holmseby 1992) details that a  MJS Ryan  played 26 games with 37 goals playing with the South Melbourne club between 1917-1918 seasons – the very club that had two years previous been unsuccessful in securing his services.  This source also records him doing well in the 1918 flag winning premiership side (that not necessarily the G-F team).

However a check of the South Melbourne FC club records, reveals no such person playing at the club in this period aside from a ‘namesake’ Mick Ryan who played a single game  in 1917 (0 goals)……..

A further check of the South Melbourne players who took to the field for the 1918 G-F records that a Gerald Ryan played in the game at full-forward (but went goal less), and that this was his only game for the club.

Wikipedia then lists a Michael Joseph ‘Mick’ Ryan an Australian amateur golfer who won the Australian Open in 1932 as playing one game in 1918, though he is not recorded the Main and Holmesby…….  This person is howver not the Mick formerly of Wallan East

Wikipedia also lists Gerald P Ryan playing with South Melbourne 1917-1918 (26 games, 37 goals) – identical statistics as recorded for MJS Ryan in Main & Holmesby……..

Furthermore a former Seymour player in Mick J Ryan played one game in the VFL for Collingwood in 1908, and again may be dismissed as not being the Mick from Wallan East.

Just as to if the former Wallan Wallan footballer in Mick Ryan aside from playing VFA at Port Melbourne in 1915, later went and play in the VFL with South Melbourne is not clear per this research. It is also distinctly possible that two different Mick Ryan played for South Melbourne in this period.

SOUTH MELBOURNE 1918 Playing Squad and Officials

South Melbourne FC 1918 Premiership Cap

The Midlands Association Meeting of 7 May 1915 was represented by the Assumption, Kilmore, Wallan Wallan and Wandong football clubs.  T Dykes and J Grills both of the Wallan Wallan club were elected Association President and Secretary respectively.  For 1915 season all the Wallan Wallan home games were played at Wallan Park.

The Winner newspaper – 15 May 1915

Darraweit Guim were unable to field a team in 1915 and the Kilmore Juniors also eventually decided to withdraw (when the Association found it impossible to suspend matches on dates when Coursing matches would be held in Kilmore).

The College (the first of only three seasons they fielded a team in the local Association) and Beveridge (the only season they ever fielded a team) were the new sides into the Association.  Half of the Beveridge team was made up of former Darraweit players who had elected to play with the new club – for likely reasons that were detailed earlier.  J Dew (a former Wallan Wallan player) was elected as the Beveridge clubs President with FJ Andtre as Secretary and former Darraweit captain W Cummins was elected the inaugural club Captain.  The new Club chose to play in Red & White colours.

It was decide to adopt the 1913 Midland Association rules as far as the finish of the competition was concerned, with a Semi-Final and a Final match (ie a Challenge Match if required), to be played between the two leading clubs.  The hotel keepers of Kilmore, Wandong and Beveridge were to be asked to subscribe to a trophy for the competition.


KFP 20 May 1915

In the opening round played on 15 May, Wallan Wallan defeated Beveridge 4-9 to 2-4 and the College went to top of the ladder when they defeated Wandong 7-7 to 2-4.  However Beveridge protested the result of their match in that Wallan Wallan had played J Stockdale in the team who was ‘ not a resident of the District.  Wallan Wallan countered the protest in that Beveridge had played P Daly, N Robertson and _ McDonald in that they were from ‘outside the 7 mile radius’ from the local PO permitted in the Association rules.  The Beveridge protest was defeated 4-2, Stockdale was reported as having been ‘born a bred lived in the village’.  The Wallan Wallan protest was defeated on the casting vote of the Chairman.  Beveridge then advised that they would be taking their protest to the VJFA, which Wallan Wallan once then countered.  No further details can be found regarding the findings of the VJFA, other than the ladder after part round 5 had been completed and it showed that had Beveridge one win (they had lost all their games to this point of time), and Wallan Wallan had four wins (counting the Beveridge game they would of had five wins) – so with some certainty Beveridge were awarded the points from the round 1 protest.

22 May 1915 the College defeated Beveridge by 1 pt, scores College 2-8 to Beveridge 2-7

At a early June Association Meeting is was tabled a letter received from Mr Fawcett Hon. Sec  of the Victorian Junior Football Association, bring under the notice of the Association a proposal for a local wounded soldiers fund for the relief of soldiers invalided home from the front.  It was decided to support the scheme, and to devote the whole of the proceeds of the Semi-Final and Final matches at the end of the season to the fund.

June 1915 – regarding the continuation of sporting activities in Australia when many young men were now being sent off to Europe, to serve in the Forces, a great many having already been killed or wounded – and regarding this matter on the other side of the world from a British perspective –


And still there is no wild hustle.  Right through the monster organization men are doing their work with that delightful characteristic air of detachment which is the most distinguishing quality of the nation. It will be wrong perhaps, to say that officers are casual about their tasks, but no matter what the emergency they always appear to have a little in hand. They give you the impression that, this is the fourth or fifth campaign of similar dimensions in which they have been engaged within the last past ten years, and that they have acquired their efficient work and easy manner by long experience. It is this quality which sometimes places the British people in this war a little beyond the understanding of their Allies. The continuation of football matches and the decision to go on with racing in England are not in the least out of harmony with the spirits or the wishes of the army in France. Men of all ranks get their papers every flay, and strange as it may seem, they have time and appetite for the news, and the usual        Anglo-Saxon weakness for sporting items. The Army takes its job full seriously, and yet it is the jolliest, politest Army which ever fought for England.

12 June – third placed Wandong caused an unanticipated upset when the beat the  undefeated Wallan Wallan 5-3 to 3-9 to inject some real enthusiasm into the competition, whilst The Great War raged on  in Europe.  This was the Wallan Wallan teams first ‘on field’ loss for the season – after having previously had their round 1 win over Beveridge, reversed on Protest.

Kilmore Examiner Sat 19 June 1915

The round 6 match between Beveridge and Wandong was postponed (for unknown reasons) to be rescheduled to a later date (game was played on 17 July).  Round 7 to be played on 26 June was then cancelled (round to be played the following week) as a mark of respect after news reached home of the death of William Stockdale at Gallipoli.  In respect to all of the clubs during the season every team weather the victor or defeated, in most of the games played all teams were very competitive.

Mon 28 June from the Bendigo Independent recorded the Midlands Association ladder after the first round of matches (after 6 matches) as Wallan Wallan and Assumption College level in first place on 18 pts, followed by Wandong 8 pts and Beveridge on 4 pts.  This was ladder incorrect as 2pts were not awarded to both teams for games that the College could not fulfil their commitments to during their school holidays.  Theses matches were deemed as forfeits by the Midlands Association.

10 July – after winning three of their first four games the College team them lost three games in a row (one a likely forfeit due to school holidays), the last defeat when Beveridge claimed their first ‘on ground win’ for the season. Scores – Beveridge 5-6 to College 2-6

17 July 1915 – sadly the final competitive football match to be played in the District before ‘curtains were called’,  was  by rough play,  The Wandong vs Beveridge match had been rescheduled from Rd 6 (19 June), and the game was played with the ground being in a disgraceful state with crab holes and water at either end.  The game was marred by the visitors rough play in which three of the Beveridge players were severely injured ( L Foley, _ Fitzpatrick and F Anderson) and required medical assistance – with the VJFA umpire supplied not being up to the task set him.  Afterwards Beveridge advised that they would be claiming the match as the match had not commenced until 4.30pm due to Wandong team arriving late.  Per the Association rules they would have likely have had the protest upheld as all matches per Rule 7 were to start at 3pm, with 30 minutes grace, however –

At hastily arranged meeting held it was decided to abandon the season altogether as many of the Districts young men were by now helping in the war effort by volunteering for service abroad – all clubs aside from the College were finding it difficult to field a side.  Indeed the Wallan Wallan team who had almost certainly wound up the minor premiership, per the Press report- apparently used their influence at the meeting to ‘close the competition’.  The Wallan Wallan team also stated that more than half of their team had enlisted.  In later year many of the older folk at Wallan related that the Wallan Wallan club had been just about unbeatable around the early years of the Great War (though not totally correct, this somewhat concurs with what has been found in this research).  Wallan Wallan indeed would most possibly have been the premier team in 1915 season if only the season had not of been abandoned –  this season in many ways was one of the most keenly fought and maybe there could even have been an ‘upset’ winner at the seasons end………….!

The ladder at this time with only 4 rounds remaining before the Finals were due to commence had stood as –

                                W        L             F          A          %.     Pts           Captains

Wallan Wallan       6          2          252      139      181.3   24            B.Hempill

College                    4          4          258       171      150.9   16           C Carroll

Wandong               4*         4          161       279       57.7    16           ‘the veteran’ Billy Collins

Beveridge               2          6*         141      223       63.2     8            W Cummins

* The round 8 protest by Beveridge against Wandong was never heard (due to season being abandoned).  Had the protest been upheld (which in likelihood would have) Beveridge and Wandong would have both been on 12 pts and Beveridge would have gone ahead on percentage – thus being one game and percentage out of the Final Two…..

The ladder includes Beveridge round 1 apparent successful protest against Wallan Wallan (no further details known)

In only one match played (for the season) are the final scores not known, that being from Wallan Wallan 4 pt win against the College – thus the For/Against (and %) column does not include these statistics.

For KFP 17 July 1915 – The Great War cloud appears to have a depressing influence in the town and country alike.  The toll on the lives of our gallant Australian Boys is great, and it would be hard indeed to name a township, of any importance in Victoria that has not sent and also sacrificed some of its young and best manhood in this great liberty, and justice.  Our little village was amoungst the first to send its little contingent, and it, was with deep regret that we learnt that one of them. Willy Stockdale, was killed and another Jim Bourke was severely wounded.  Both lads were engaged in the great and glorious charge at Gallipoli.  The former (W Stockdale) was well and favourably known in this and surrounding District, and quite a gloom was cast over our little village when was received of his untimely end.   Deceased was very popular in all athletic circles in the district, particularly football of which he was a worthy exponent.  Great sympathy is felt for the bereaved family more particularly his mother who most unfortunately has been in very indifferent health for some time.  Jim Bourke (wounded) the second eldest son of John, otherwise “Jack” Bourke (well known in football and cricket circles), of Wallan and lately removed to Brunswick.  According to latest accounts Jim is still in the hospital, and doing as can be expected.

One thing that strikes the observer is the fact that so many strapping and young and to all appearance eligible young fellows, who still play football every Saturday. The same energy & vim is still just as prominent as if all the world were at peace. Nothing short of a personal calamity directly concerning themselves, would shake some of them up and cause then to realise that their dead and wounded brothers have fought and are fighting for them, and further are also calling on them for assistance which is urgently needed.  Presently speaking, I think that every able bodied footballer should volunteer for the front, and help the brave lad who have done much for him and thus have himself from opp____bious, appellation of ‘shirker’.

From the Bendigo Independent (Fri 30 July 1915): WALLAN. Owing to the heavy enlistments of playing members of the Midlands Football Association, the season, has been closed.  Practically the whole of the players of the Wallan Club, who are old enough to do so have joined the Empire’s colors.  Of last season’s team about half of it is in the thick of the fight at the Dardanelles. The other clubs in the Association have also supplied players, who have answered the call from the front.  But the Wallan club has provided more recruits than all the other associated clubs put together.  Wallan was leading in the competition when it closed, and was assured of the minor premiership, but the club used its influence to wind up the season.  The Wallan East Hall was crowded on Wednesday, night when the residents of the district tendered a public send off to the latest batch of recruits, about 20 in number from the District with one exception, all the departing young men are footballers and includes Constable E. Morley of the Wallan police station, and three employees of the local railway station. The departing soldiers were each presented with wallets, well filled with cash.  A concert and dance, in aid of the Red Cross Sick Wounded Soldiers’ Fund, was held in the Upper Plenty Hall on Tuesday evening and was very successful.

Several Darraweit men are known to have played with Beveridge during the season including W Cummins, P Cummins, Ab Smith, and likely including McDonald, Robertson and Daly amongst others.

 A young 15yo Greg Stockdale debuted in the Wallan Wallan team during the 1915 season, however it was still to be a few more seasons before he was to make his name in the ‘big time’ after being recruited by Essendon in the VFL.

Francis Gregory ‘GREG’ STOCKDALE born on 30 July 1899 (son of William Hallett Stockdale and Agnes Heavey, formerly of Darraweit) the Essendon champion of the 1920s originally came from Wallan Wallan where his parents had the mail contract from Wallan East to Darraweit Guim for many years

Greg was from a family of renowned sportspersons, both within the District and afar  –

He was the nephew of brothers Chas and Pergerine (Perg.) Stockdale who aside from being champion cricketers, Chas. likely also played for Fitzroy in the VFA.  They were also both renowned shooters in a number of disciplines, winning many competitions.  Chas. came equal second in the Australian Grand Pigeon Shooting Championship in 1894 and Perg. finished third in the event in 1897.  Perg. was actually considered at one point to have been one of the best shots in the Empire.  Donald McIntosh another champion of the same era wanted to take Perg. to Monte Carlo in Monaco in 1900, however Perg. had to regretfully decline due to family commitments (at this time he may have been involved in the purchase of a farm) – McIntosh had the marvelleous achievement in Feb 1900 at the Grand Prix du Casino in Monte Carlo where he divided the prize (ie equal first) whilst performing well in several other minor events there.  

Greg was also a younger brother of William (1887-1915) who  had been killed in the Great War not long after having debuted win Port Melbourne in the VFA.  Greg was also the cousin of Ray Stockdale who played in some practise games with Footscray in the early 1920s when the club was still playing in the VFA.  Another cousin Brendan Stockdale played in several practice games for North Melbourne in 1926 who had only just joined the VFL,  before being injured. A third cousin in Joe Johnston was actually selected to play for Richmond against Essendon in the VFL on 5 June 1922 in a Monday public holiday match.  Unfortunately Joe got injured playing locally on the Saturday and despite travelling to Melbourne on the Saturday night for treatment he was unable to take his place in the Richmond team.  Twelve months later Richmond were still endeavouring to secure the services of Joe – alas unsuccessfully.  The three cousins were prominent footballers and cricketers at Darraweit Guim  (also playing football for the Midland Rovers and Wallan East & District, and cricket for Wallan Wallan ) in a period covering over 5 decades.     

Several other uncles (through marriage) were also prominent District sportsmen as well.

Greg received his latter education at Assumption College in Kilmore, and debuted as a 15yo with Wallan Wallan in the Midlands Association in 1915.

In August 1916 he umpired a football match at Darraweit when the Darraweit State School played the College Second XVIII (possibly he was a boarder at the College then ?).

There after he played with Kilmore in 1917 and 1918 and was known to umpire local matches also.

In July 1918 the College team defeated Wallan Wallan at Wallan East 4-13 to 2-8, and despite the final result apparently the game was well contested, mush more than the scores indicated.  The Stockdale brothers were mentioned as playing very well for Wallan.

In 1919 after finishing school at Assumption College he had moved from Wallan Wallan to Rushworth where some of the Stockdale family had moved to, and a place was found for him in the Rushworth team for the next two seasons, though he was not a played as a forward.  He also played alongside Leo Stockdale at Rushworth, and whilst there some critics began to think that he had the makings of a good footballer.

In 1920 he was signed by Essendon but it was some time yet before he would eventually find his way onto the forward line and become a regular with the ‘Old Boys’.  Debuting in 1920 he played only twice during that season, once the following year and 4 times in 1922.

However Greg was the centre of a protest made against him playing for Rushworth in the Goulburn Valley League in May 1921.  In early June Greg was the centre of a protest –

6 June 1921 at special meeting of meeting of the GVFL held at Tatura, Delegates considered the protest of the Murchison club in  ‘that Rushworth had played  Greg Stockdale on May 25, who it was alleged, had not been resident within, the radius for one month prior to the first match in which he played’.  In support of the evidence Chas F Tilson stated that ‘acting under instructions from the Murchison Club, he paid a visit to Wallan, and from inquiries he ascertained that for about eight weeks, Stockdale had been residing with his parents at Wallan’  and that he ‘frequently he journeyed from Wallan to Melbourne, on a couple of occasions he had paid visits to the Goulburn Valley, presumably to play football with Rushworth’  The Rushworth defense was, to the effect that ‘Stockdale was a permanent bona fide resident of Rushworth, and as such it was not necessary for him to reside continuously in Rushworth for one month prior to the first match in which .he played’.  Greg Stockdale gave evidence to the effect, that ‘he had been a resident of the Rushworth District for the past two and a half years’. That he ‘had finished work on March 28 and since then had been on holidays waiting for fresh contracts to come out’.   During his holidays he stated that he ‘had been training with the Essendon Club, and this necessitated his making frequent trips to and from Rushworth’. During these trips away he had ‘on several occasions stayed away a day or two with his parents at Wallan, but he had not at any time severed his connection with Rushworth’. Corroborative evidence was given by Leo Stockdale, William Reid, Henry Cattlin, A McMurray, and Jacob ‘Merkel.  In summing up the evidence the President said that everything depended on the fact as to ‘whether Stockdale could or could not be classed as a permanent fide resident of Rushworth’. He pointed out that Stockdale had been in Rushworth for two and a half years, and had played football with that club throughout two seasons.  On the matter being put to a vote, it was unanimously decided to dismiss the protest.  It was also resolved to return to the Murchison Club the £1/1/- deposit that accompanied the protest

In 1921 and 1922 he played with Corowa alongside close relations Charles and Esmund Stockdale where his brothers ran a family business, and it was here that he gained a great reputation for his excellence on the football field.

It was in 1922 when Essendon decided to have its Headquarters at Essendon (Windy Hill) that a great revival of interest in him had occurred.  At Essendon he had been tried as a Backman during his infrequent games with them, however when he returned once again during 1922 he was picked immediately on the Forward line although only 5’ 8” tall and he kicked 5 goals against Fitzroy.  Essendon were defeated for the premiership but were satisfied with his performances for the season.

In the summer of 1921/22 Greg represented the Wallan Wallan cricket team on several occasion – possibly on occasions when he was visiting family…………..

In early 1923 a few Essendon supporters got violently agitated with the news that he was made Captain/Coach at Corowa for the upcoming season (still only aged 23) owing to the fact that he had offered big monetary inducements to leave the city.  However the Essendon Officials were able to persuade him to stay and then went and kicked 9 goals in a practice match for them to the delight of the supporters.  It was then that Greg finally got the call up in which he became a regular with Essendon.

Sporting Globe Wednesday 9 May 1923 Page 1



On 28 April 1925 in the Kilmore Police Court there was considerable interest was evinced at the police court regarding the prosecution of Gregory Stockdale, motor driver, of South Melbourne (the well-known Essendon footballer)and his brother, John (Jack) Francis Stockdale, farmer, Echuca on the charges of assaulting Constable A. J. Dudley at Wallan on the night of 28 March. Both defendants who were represented pleaded not guilty.

According to Constable Dudley’s evidence, he was driving along the road towards Wallan East public hall about 9 p.m., when he observed a horse and jinker coming towards him on the wrong side of the road, and without lights. He jumped out of his jinker, and seizing the head of the horse belonging to the other party, called out he was the local constable.  The two defendants, when asked for their names and addresses refused to give them or to accompany the constable to the police station.  A free light then occurred, it being alleged that the Constable was thrown into the gutter at the side of the road, punched in the face and head, kicked about the body and his handcuffs were then taken from him.

In cross examination, witness said at midnight, in company with Constable Slater, of Kilmore, he met defendants at the house of Mrs McCormack (this was possibly Greg’s Aunt), when it was suggested the two Stockdale’s should attend the police station on Sunday morning and tender the constable an apology and expression of regret of their conduct.   This was done, the apology being written out by the constable and signed by the defendants.

This though was not regarded as a settlement of the case.

For the defense, the brothers said the Constable brought all the trouble himself by jumping out of his jinker and grabbing the horses head.  They at first thought it was a ‘hold up.’ which led to a scrimmage, in which the Constable, whom they did not know, was worsted.   It was ‘mutually understood at the meeting at Mrs McCormack’s house the same night that if an apology were tendered and certain expenses paid there would not be any prosecution.

The bench held that Constable Dudley had failed to prove his allegations, and dismissed the cases.


One keen sports fan (name lost to time) was known to walk from Wandong to Wallan East every Saturday night during the winter to buy the late edition of the Sporting Globe, primarily to see how Greg had played.  In nine seasons between 1920 and 1928 Greg played at Essendon in 106 games, and kicked 189 goals – and was a dashing player and fine mark.  He was first tried on the forward line in the 1922 finals series (thus ending Jack Moriarty’s career), kicking five of his teams six goals when they went down to Fitzroy in the Preliminary Final.  He then remained in this position of much of the remainder of his VFL career.  A left footer and only 5 foot 8 inches tall, in 1923 he enjoyed a remarkably successful season kicking ten goals against St. Kilda, nine against Carlton and eight against Geelong – finishing the season with an unequalled VFL total of 68 goals.

Greg was also the Dons leading goal kicker in 1926 with 36 goals and 1928 with 39 goals despite missing 8 matches through suspension (Rd 4 to Rd 11).  In his final season he kicked nine goals in a match against South Melbourne.  Greg was a member of the successful Essendon Premiership teams of 1923 and 1924, and represented Victoria on 8 occasions.  He finished equal sixth in the 1927 Brownlow Medal and in the same year won the clubs ‘Most Consistent Player’ award.


 Selection of misc. Greg Stockdale pics and collectors cigarette cards                

July 1929 Northcote vs Brunswick – The Age

He transferred over to Northcote in the Association here he played from 1929 to 1931 and was a member of their first premiership team in 1929.  Playing in the Press (Wednesday League) in 1932 he then became Captain/Coach of Coburg (1932-33) playing on the backline. In 1934 he was appointed Captain/Coach of Fairfield in the VSDL and in 1936 was playing in Portland were where he likely ended his career.  Greg Stockdale died in 1949 aged only 49.

 1933 W.D & H.O. WILL’s 

Footballers Cigarette Card No. 67     


Whilst there was very little football played in the District between 1916 and 1918, the Wallan Wallan club did play two matches against the College in 1916.  The first match was played at Wallan Wallan and the teams drew 2-4 apiece in conditions where ‘good football was out of the question’ on such a wet field.  The return match played at the Kilmore Showgrounds the College team won 7-16 to 2-4.


The Wallan Wallan club could well be considered to have been the strongest and most consistent local club in the pre Great War era winning premierships in 1908, 1909, 1914 – they were also minor premiers in 1913 leading the table by 18 points before the premiership was withheld after three protested finals.  Added to a successful start to the 1915 season that was prematurely abandoned, only the Broadford club could lay similar claim of success with premierships in 1904, and with the Independents in 1906 and 1911, whilst also being the other side involved in the 1913 finals farce. With two premierships to Lancefield whilst the Romsey, Kilmore and Darraweit clubs each winning a single premiership.

Up until the Great War known captains at the Wallan Wallan FC were AH Pratt (MM) for several seasons up until 1914, then B Hempill in 1915.


servicemen in


A great many footballers who had been playing in the Midlands Association were to enlist in the Great War.  The Wallan Wallan FC was to receive much press coverage as almost all their entire football team were reported to  to have had answered the call of the Empire in all having ‘joined the show’ .

From the Wallan Wallan club both WH Pratt (for bravery in the field in France), Pte Jack Lewis and Lance Corp. CCJ Christofferson were awarded the Military Medal.William Cummins was aso awarded the same medal but it is not known if be played football at Wallan Wallan.

The following makes no claim to be a complete record (and requires additional Research) of those connected to the WWFC who volunteered including –

from the Wallan Wallan Football Club


Pte. Bourke James A (885) 7th Bn.

Corp Lewis Henry ‘Harry’ (3842) 8th Bn. (umpire) – poss. of Beveridge

Sgt. Morley Edwin J (3190) 60th Bn. (club administor)

Munro William Arthur (2726) 58th Bn

Pte. Quirk Andrew* (2749) 24th Bn. 

Randall Richard Thomas (1456) 8th Light Horse Reg. 

Pte. Stockdale William H (990) 6th Bn. – killed in action 8/5/1915


Greaves Norman L* (2642) 24th Bn.

Sgt. Pratt Albert Henry George (47) 2nd Divisional Ammunition Column (MM)

Corp. Anderson Albert J ‘Bert’ (2108) 21st Bn.  – twice

Lewis James Marquis (1083) 9th Light Horse Reg. – poss. of Beveridge

Pte Lewis John ‘Jack’ (1228) 38th Bn. – Field Artillery (MM)

McCarthy David F (2688) 58th Bn. 

Munro Hugh Innes (2730) 58th Bn. 

Rodda Benjamin Patrick (1604) Depot, DOS

Ryan Mick Vic*

Gunner Stockdale Peregrine ‘Percy’ J (2934) 2nd Field Artillery Brigade

also Volunteered  (and returned)       

Anderson Albert J (2108) 21st Bn.

Pte Cahill Thomas E (2586) 58th Bn.

L. Corp. Christofferson Christopher Charles John (230) 2nd Anzac Mounted Reg. (MM) – of Upper Plenty

Cummins (several of – as to which ones per christian names is unknown)  

Cummins Bryan A (5994) 7th Bn.

Christofferson Norman Henry (1548) 4th Light Horse Reg.

Dickens A (discharged due to ill health)

Fitzpatrick E

Mason J ‘Scotty’ – possibly Alfred J  ? (110) 3rd Pioneer Bn. 

Lt. Nurse Henry Scott (       ) 8th Field Artillery

Pte. Patton James Russell ‘Albert’ (3118) 7th Bn.

Vincent L ‘or J’ (       )

* L Greaves, V Ryan and A Quirk were all employees of the Wallan East Railway Station.

There were also a great many more Wallan Wallan locals who are known to have served in the Great War, and whilst no reference can be found to the following volunteers having played any football with Wallan Wallan – this may not necessarily be the case with all.  Much of the information used regarding  any connection to the WWFC is purely reliant on the occasional best players and goal kickers that were recorded in the Press (frequently the same names being mentioned), or the photos from the 1907-1911 period.

other residents who enlisted from/of  Wallan Wallan:  

Other known local servicemen from Wallan Wallan and its immediate locality (some that may well have represented the WWFC at some time but of which no record survives) include –


Childs WR

Pte Rowe Frederick (5088) 22nd Bn. 

Smith Leslie W (5452) 4th Bn.     

also Volunteered  (with some possibly being wounded)                                                         

Farrier-Sgt Bowden Leonard (3408) 6th Field Ambulance     

Pte  Brennan Joseph B (15859) 5th Field Ambulance

Pte Brooks Benjamin ( 2579) 23rd Bn.  – prisoner of war in Germany for 3 years 

Pte  Brooks William Henry ‘Harry’ (64163) 15th Light Horse Reg.                   

Christofferson W

Clark C  – poss. of Upper Plenty ?

Clark G (or are C and G Clark on and the same person ?)                                                               

Pte Cummins Byran Anthony               

Pte Cummin John J (1624) 3rd Pioneer Bn.  – was a member of the Beveridge CC 

Pte Cummins Patrick T(68780) 15th GS Reinf. – was a member of the Beveridge CC                     

Cummins William J (5993) 7th Bn. (MM) – was a member of the Beveridge CC

Pte Easton Charles Leslie (6900) 22nd Bn – of Wallan East

Easton Ormond Leonard (20079) 15th Depot supply Unit – of Wallan East  

Pte Franzi A

Greaves H – possibly Norman Leslie (2642) 24th Bn. (MM)     

Hanson George – member of the Wallan Wallan, Beveridge, Wandong and Darraweit Guim CC – was possibly originally from Beveridge ? 

Gunner Walter Hargrave M (   ) Garrison Artillery – Died on Service – was a member of the Wallan Wallan CC

Holmes Alexander J (1202) 37th Bn.

Holmes David Cuthbert (1204) 37th Bn.

Holmes Henry Herbert (1203) 37th Bn.   

Holmes Sydney Turnbull (1201) 37th Bn. –  was a member of the Wallan Wallan CC

Holmes N  (possibly is one of the above brothers ?) 

Jones Albert Ernest  (2932) 37th Bn.                                                                       

Mason W – possibly Alfred John (110) 3rd Pioneer Bn.   

Pte Neilson W  – prisoner of war in Germany for 3 years        

Sub-Lt Nurse Edwin Scott (RVN) Midshipsman- was on duty with the North Sea fleet almost from the inception of the war          Patton Alfred Theodore (728) 8th Bn. 

Smith Albert (3456) 1st Pioneer Bn.

Smith J – possibly is Christopher John ? (1347) 24th Bn.                                                    

Smith William R (1147) 24th Bn.     

Stockdale William Clarence (2660) 3rd Pioneer Bn.                                            

Taylor Murdock D (of Wallan East)  Depot     

Wattz Alfred Leslie (577) 1st Pioneer Bn – of Upper Plenty

Wattz John Henry (2902) 38th Bn. – of Upper Plenty                  


KFP Thurs 16 Jan 1919 

Many other young men from around the surrounding District, from Beveridge, Darraweit and Wandong who enlisted are not recorded above.  Darraweit alone had nearly 40 volunteers accepted. 


former Wallan Wallan born residents enlisted

Finally there were also a great many other Wallan Wallan born volunteers (that no longer resided in the township) who enlisted, of which no record is known for any having a connection with the WWFC.  This honour roll (again possibly incomplete) includes – 

Cameron Duncan (162) 3rd Pioneer Bn.            

Ash Stanley Roy (1242) 38th Bn. – Killed in Action                     

Chapman John (2386) Depot                

Clements Allan George Alexander (593) 10th Machine Gun Co. 

Crawley Rupert Quinton (68779) 15th GS Reinf.

Currie John Edward (3077) 5th Machine Gun Co.      

Dunlop John Sydney (2136) 39th Bn.     

Darlington George Sydney (834) 31st Bn.

Darlington Archibald Edward (4781) Depot

Fairburn (or Fairbairn) Robert Murrell  (3047) 58th Bn.                                 

Fairbairn James Greer Gould (2176) Imperial Camel Corps. – Killed in Action  – poss. a brother of above, but not born at Wallan Wallan ?                                   

Fairbairn George Hickman (52) 14th Bn – poss. a brother of above, but not born at Wallan Wallan ?   Heywood Christopher William (32) 4th Light Horse Reg (DCM)

Hare Gerald Patrick (9345) 4th Field Artillery  Heywood George Walter (898) 59th Seige Artillery Batt. – poss. a brother of above ?

 McKendrick William John (812717) Depot    

Lt. Noonan Morris William (      ) 58th Bn.

Olsson Albert Edward (6646) 5th Field Co. Engineers

Olsson William Frederick (2395) 1st Pioneer Bn.

Robertson John (7566) 6th Bn.   

Williams Alfred Ernest (2839) 23rd Bn. 

Wilson Willian Styles (3410) Depot      



1907 – Premiers

H                                                                 vs         ?                                              likely Won ?

A                                                                 vs         ?                                              likely Won ?

H                                                                vs         ?                                              likely Won ?

A                                                                 vs         ?                                              likely Won ?

H                                                                vs         ?                                              likely Won ?

A                                                                vs         ?                                              likely Won ?

H                                                                vs        ?                                              likely Won ?

A                                                                vs         ?                                              likely Won ?

1908 – Premiers

30/5                                         Wallan Wallan def Clonbinane                                    Won

Wallan Wallan def Darraweit Guim                              Won

6/6                                         Wallan Wallan def Kilmore by 3 pts                             Won

13/6                                         Wallan Wallan def Clonbinane                                    Won

20  or 27/6                  Wallan Wallan 12 pts drew with Kilmore 12 pts                  Draw

4/7                  Wallan Wallan            5-4          Darraweit Guim                    2-3       Won

11/7 A (at Wandong) Wallan Wallan 13-25   Clonbinane                            2-5       Won

18/7     H       Kilmore                       4-12          Wallan Wallan                      0-3       Lost *

                             * was this game later awarded to Wallan Wallan on Protest ?

27/7               Wallan Wallan             5-8         Darraweit Guim                     1-3       Won

1909 -Premiers

22/5     A         Wallan Wallan            60pts    Donnybrook                          0-3      Won

29/5     A         Wallan Wallan              1-7       Darraweit Guim                    1-2      Won

5/6       A         Wallan Wallan             7-24     Wandong                               0-0       Won

12/6                                                         BYE

19/6     H         Wallan Wallan             1-4       Kilmore                                  0-4       Won

Rd7      H         Wallan Wallan             4-4     Darraweit Guim           1-1     No Result (match to be replayed) *

* Darraweit walked from the field

3/7       H         Wallan Wallan             11-9     Donnybrook                          0-3       Won

17/7     H         Wallan Wallan             56 pts   Wandong                              0-4       Won

24/7                                                         BYE

31/7     A         Wallan Wallan               2-3       Kilmore                                1-4        Won

14/8     A         Wallan Wallan             4-12     Darraweit                              2-5        Won (replayed match)

1910 – Second

30/4     H         Wallan Wallan             4-5       Primrose (Collingwood)   2-5      Won (Practise Match)

14/5     A         Darraweit Guim            4-3       Wallan Wallan                   1-2      Lost (Practise Match ?)*

* recorded as Wallan Wallan first ever defeat (in 26 matches) since entering into competition football      play in 1907

21/5     A         Wallan Wallan             4-8       Broadford Independents  2-6      Won

28/5     A         Kilmore                          ?          Wallan Wallan                    0-?       Lost

4/6       H         Wallan Wallan           0-12     Darraweit Guim                   1-0       Won

11/6     H         Kilmore                         2-5       Wallan Wallan                     1-5      Lost

18/6     H         Wallan Wallan            1-5       Broadford Indpendents      0-1      Won

25/6     A         Wallan Wallan            7-17     Darraweit Guim                    0-1      Won

2/7       –

9/7       H         Kilmore                        1-2       Wallan Wallan                      0-4      Lost

16/7     A                                 Wallan Wallan def Darraweit Guim                         Won

23/7     A                         Broadford Independents def Wallan Wallan                 Lost

30/7     H         Wallan Wallan          3-5      Broadford Independents      1-2      Won

ladder only has Wallan Wallan with 20 pts instead of 24 at this stage of the season

6/8       A         Kilmore                      2-11     Wallan Wallan                         2-7     Lost

13/8     H         Wallan Wallan          7-1       Darraweit Guim                      3-9     Won

1911 – Third

20/5     H         Primrose (Collingwood)  3-3     Wallan Wallan                 0-0      Lost (Practise Match)

27/5     H         Wallan Wallan                   4-7       Kilmore                          2-4      Won

3/6       A         Wallan Wallan                    1-5       Darraweit Guim           1-5       Draw

10/6     A         Broadford Independents 6-3       Wallan Wallan              3-6      Lost

17/6     A                            Wallan Wallan def Kilmore by 15 pts                          Won

24/6     H                                         vs Darraweit Guim                                     Postponed*

                                                 * due to inclement weather

1/7       A         Wallan Wallan                  2-7         Broadford Indpendents 0-4 Won

8/7       H         Wallan Wallan                 1-4         Darraweit Guim           1-4      Draw

(rescheduled postponed match)

5/7                             Broadford Independents defeated Wallan Wallan            Lost

22/7     H                                 Wallan Wallan vs Kilmore                                     poss.Lost *

                                                  * but later Won on protest ?

29/7     A         Wallan Wallan             3-7            Darraweit                        0-1     Lost

5/8       H                      Broadford Independents def Wallan Wallan                  Lost

12/8     A         Darraweit  Guim          5-7             Wallan Wallan              1-7      No Result*

        * match was protested by both teams – and subsequently no pts were awarded

date ?                                       Wallan Wallan def Kilmore                                     Won

1912 (Social matches only)    

27/4     H         Wallan Wallan            4-3       Primrose Club (Fitzroy)   0-8        Won (Practise Match)

1/6 (poss A)     Brunswick Juniors  5-19       Wallan Wallan                   4-0        Lost

H                       Brunswick Juniors    5-5       Wallan Wallan                    2-8        Lost

22/ 6 H Queensberry Ramblers (North Melbourne) 8-12 Wallan Wallan 1-1 Lost

6/7       H         Wallan Wallan             4-3       Boyle & Scott Juniors      2-1        Won

Early Aug                                Kilmore defeated Wallan Wallan                            Lost

31/8     H         Wallan Wallan     1-5       Railway Yard (Spencer Street)  1-1      Won

1913 Minor Premiers (no premiership awarded)

24/5     A         Wallan Wallan           4-8       Darraweit Guim                    3-8      Won

31/5                                       Wallan Wallan vs Kilmore Juniors                             Postponed

H                                           Wallan Wallan def Kilmore Juniors                            Won (postponed match)

7/6       A         Wallan Wallan            5-8       Broadford Independents    2-8      Won

14/6     H         Wallan Wallan            2-8       Darraweit Guim                   0-6      Won

21/6     A         Wallan Wallan             6-3       Kilmore Juniors                  3-7       Won

28/6     H         Wallan Wallan            1-10     Broadford Independents   1-7       Won

5/7       A         Wallan Wallan             4-8       Darraweit Guim                  3-2       Won

14/7     H         Wallan Wallan             11-7     Kilmore Juniors                   2-1       Won

19/7     A         Wallan Wallan             3-5       Broadford Independents    2-9      Won

26/7     H         Wallan Wallan             5-3       Darraweit Guim                  1-8       Won

2/8       A                                 Kilmore Juniors def Wallan Wallan                          Lost

9/8       H                         Wallan Wallan def Broadford Independents                 Won

FINAL at Kilmore Showgrounds

16/8     A         Broadford Independents   4-11    Wallan Wallan             4-6       Lost – Protest successful

FINAL (Replay) at Kilmore Showgrounds

23/8     A         Broadford Independents   7-9      Wallan Wallan            2-2       Lost – Protest unsuccessful

CHALLENGE FINAL at Wallan Wallan

30/8     H         Broadford Independents 6-6    Wallan Wallan               4-4        Lost  – Protested

1914 Premiers

 30/5     H         Wallan Wallan            7-5       Darraweit Guim                3-5         Won

6/6                                           Wallan Wallan def Wandong                                    Won

13/6     A         Wallan Wallan             3-4       Kilmore Juniors                 1-2         Lost *

* after Kilmore successfully protested re W Stockdale playing in the Wallan Wallan team without a clearance

20/6     A         Darraweit Guim         4-6       Wallan Wallan                    3-1         Lost

27/6                                         Wallan Wallan def Wandong                                   Won

4/7 Wallan Park     Wallan Wallan    7-17 easily def Kilmore Juniors  ?             Won

10/7     A         Wallan Wallan              1-8       Darraweit Guim               0-0         Won *

* Darraweit walked from the field early in the 2nd Q – Wallan Wallan later awarded the match

17/7                                       Wallan Wallan def Wandong                                      Won

24/7     H                        Wallan Wallan def Darraweit Guim                                  Won

31/7                                 Wallan Wallan def Kilmore Juniors                                   Won

7/8                                       Wallan Wallan def Wandong                                        Won

14/8                               Wallan Wallan def Kilmore Juniors                                     Won (forfeit)

 1915 (were leading table when season was abandoned) all home games played at Wallan Park

 1/5       H       Wallan Wallan              6-17      College                            6-11        Won (practise match)

15/5     A         Wallan Wallan              3-8       Beveridge                       0-4          Lost* (on protest)

22/5     H         Wallan Wallan             8-4       Wandong                       2-3           Won

29/5     A                                 Wallan Wallan def College                                       Won (forfeit)

5/6       H         Wallan Wallan             4-9       Beveridge                       2-4           Won

12/6     A         Wandong                       5-3       Wallan Wallan              3-9            Lost

19/6     H                                 Wallan Wallan def College by 4pts                         Won

26/6     H                                             vs Beveridge                                                     Cancelled

3/7       H         Wallan Wallan              4-6       Beveridge                     4-5            Won

10/7     A         Wallan Wallan              6-10     Wandong                      1-7            Won

17//7    A                                              vs College                                            Competition Cancelled                       

24/7     A                                              vs Beveridge                                       Competition Cancelled           

31/7     H                                              vs Wandong                                       Competition Cancelled           

7/8       H                                               vs College                                          Competition Cancelled           

14/8                                                         FINAL                                              Competition Cancelled           


Results of known matches played Wallan Wallan FC in period 1907-1915

Competition Matches –

Home Matches                           Away Matches                       Unknown Venue

Opponents            P        W         D         L       Other      W         D         L       Other      W         D         L       Other

Darraweit Guim   21      8          1          0        N/R         7          1          2              –          1          –          –

Kilmore                  17      4          0         3            –            2         0          3           N/R       2         1          1           –

Broadford Indep. 15      4          0         2            –            4         0          5              –           –         –           –          –

Wandong                9      4          0          0           C            4        0          1              –           –          –          –           –

Donnybrook           3      1          0          0            –            2         0         0              –           –          –          –           –

Kilmore Juniors    4      2          0          0            –            1         0         1               –           –          –          –           –

Clonbinane            3      1           0          0            –            1         0         0              –           1          –          –           –

Beveridge              3       1           0          0            –            1         0         1              C

College (Kilmore) 2      1          0           0           C            1         0         0             C

Unknown (1907) 8       4          0          0            –             4        0         0              –                                                     

      TOTAL          85   30          1          5             1            27      1         13              1         4          1          1           –    

N/R = Match played but No Result

C = Match Cancelled (1915 when season was abandoned)

Competition Overall –

                         P         W       D        L        N/R      C

Home               37        30        1          5          1           2

Away                42        27        1          13         1          2

Unknown         6          4          1          1          0          0

TOTAL            85        61        3          19        2   plus 4

Social/Practise Matches –

                                                                                           Home Matches           Away Matches      

Opponents                                      Year             P          W         D         L       W           D         L   

Primrose Club  (Collingwood)  1910 &1911   2            1          0         1

Primrose Club (Fitzroy)*           1912               1            0         0          1

Brunswick Juniors*                   1912               2             0         0          1        0          0             1

Darraweit Guim                         1910               1                                               0          0             1

College (Kilmore)                       1915               1             1          0          0

Queensberry Ramblers            1912               1             0         0           1

Boyle & Scott Juniors               1912               1             1          0          0

Railway Yard  (Spencer Street) 1912            1               1         0          0

Kilmore                                        1912             1              1         0           0                                         

            TOTAL                                                11             5         0           4        0           0              2 

 * were likely the same team ?

 Social/Practise Overall –

                          P         W         D           L

Home               9          5            0            4

Away                2         0            0            2

TOTAL            11        5            0           6

All matches played 1907-1915

                          P        W       D         L       N/R     C      Unk

Home               46        35        1          9          1          2          3

Away                44        27        1          15        1          2          3

Unknown         6          4          1          1          –           –          –

    TOTAL       96        66        3          25       2         4          6

In Competition Play –


Year              P        W        D        L       N/R   Canc              H         A   

1907              8          8          0          0          –           –                0          0 – estimated results for season ?

1908              9          7          1           1 *       –           –               1 *        0 – the Loss was possibly Protested ?

1909              9          8          0         0          1           –                0           0

1910                12         7          0          5        –           –              2           3

1911                12         5**       2          4        1           –             1           3

1913                15        11         0           1        3***     –             0           1

1914                12       10         0          2****  –          –              0           2

1915                8          6          0          2**** –          4               0           2

TOTAL        85       62         3           15       5          4                  4          11

* 1907 loss was likely sucessfully protested ?

** 1911 – inc. a Won on protest after losing

*** 1913 Re: the unresolved Finals series and the three Final match losses – all losses were successfully protested by Wallan Wallan, losses were away (twice) and home (once) and not inc in H/A loss column

**** 1914 &1915 inc a Loss on protest after winning

Likley three seasons undefeated –  Wallan Wallan may have lost only one game at home from 1907 until Rd 4 11 June 1910 when defeated by Kilmore 1-5 to 2-5 (their sole defeat, being in the final  round of 1908 season, was possibly later protested by Wallan ?).  Kilmore effectively ended the Wallan Wallan FC unbeaten record in competition play both at home and away during the 1910 season.

Eight years undefeated at home – After losing to the Broadford Independents at home (either in Rd 7 -15 July  or Rd 10 – 5 August 1911) Wallan Wallan were not defeated in competition play at home until Rd 5 on 12 July 1919 when Broadford won 6-17 to 4-10 likely at the Wallan East Railway Reserve (this record however excludes the 1913 Challenge Final loss at home that was successfully protested to VJFA, though the Finals series remained resolved).

Wallan Wallan were undefeated at home in competition play in 1907, 1908, 1909, 1913*, 1914 and 1915 seasons (*excluding successfully protested Challenge Final match).


 Wallan Wallan FC


Premiers – 1907, 1908, 1909, 1914

Runners-Up – 1910

Minor Premiers – 1913 (no premiership awarded) & 1915 (were leading table when season was abandoned)


Known Wallan Wallan FC


Year    Captain        Vice –Capt      President       Secretary     Asst Sec         Treasurer




1907            ?                             ?                        ?                      ?                            –                         –

1908            ?                             ?                J Smythe         H Bond                     –                          –

1909            ?                             ?                J Bourke               ?                            –                          –

1910     poss AH Pratt              ?                J Bourke                ?                           –                           –

1911           C Stockdale     _ Lyons         J Bourke         J Grills                        –                          –

            & poss AH Pratt                                                                                                                                                    

1912    poss AH Pratt               ?              J Bourke        J Grills                        –                           –                             

1913     AH Pratt                        ?             J Bourke         J Grills              EJ Morley             T Nurse

1914     AH Pratt                        ?                     ?               J Grills              AJ Anderson              ?

1915     B Hempill             V Ryan                   ?               J Grills             AJ Anderson              ?

AH Pratt  (recorded as the Wallan Wallan captain for several years) appears in the Wallan Wallan FC photos for 1909, 1910 & 1911.  Did he play with South Morang in 1912  ? He is in addition known to have played with Whittlesea FC (there is a Pratt recorded in their team in both 1910 and 1914).

The position of club Secretary was likely a dual Secretary/Treasurer role in several seasons.


1908        H & C Barker

1912        T. McKendrick, T Dyke, WG Mann, J. Smythe,  E. Missen W.Stockdale, O McDonald,  T Nurse,

W Ball T Dougall, G D Newbury, W. Egan,  T Crozier


1912         J Carson, J O’Dwyer, T Nurse, F Budd, J Smythe

1913         J Grills & J Carson

1914         J Bourke & J Carson

1915         B Hempill, G Holmes

 Timekeepers (known)

 1913    J Carson

Best All Round Player (determined by a tally taken by the players)

1913    Mick Ryan`- silver mounted pipe


Other early known WWFC Captains (pre the competition era) include –

Year     Name                           Team                                                                                                                        

1877    J Cameron       Wandong & Moranding Combined                                                                             

1878    J Cameron       Wallan Wallan  & Wandong Combined                                                                     

1879    _ Munro          Wallan Wallan                                                                                                                   

1884    _ Cummins       Wallan Wallan                                                                                                                 

1888    W Whelan        Wallan Wallan                                                                                                                 

1889    C Guthrie         Wallan Wallan                                                                                                                   

1893    W Burt             Wandong* (that played in the North-Eastern Football Association)

* this was a combined Wandong, Wallan Wallan and Merri Merri team



1904-1905 & 1907      Central Dalhousie Association

1904                              Broadford Shire Association

1906, 1908-1911         Central Mernda Association

1907                              Wallan District Association

1912                              Dalhousie Association

1913-1915                     Midlands Association


Final Positions of Clubs (1904-1915)

No. of

Year         Teams   Premiers                      Runners-Up/Second        Third                         Fourth             

1904) two     4       Lancefield     7-8        Romsey              7-2           Kilmore                     Pyalong

1904) Assoc. 4      Broadford (no final)   Oddfellows (Broadford) Broadford Indep.    Reedy Creek (Tyaak)

1905               3       Romsey (no final)      Lancefield                         Emu Flat/Pyalong             –

1906               4       Broadford Indep.       Kilmore                             Broadford Juniors   Reedy Creek (Tyaak)

1907) two      4       Lancefield (no final)  Romsey                             Kilmore                  High Camp – withdrew

1907) Assoc.   3+   Wallan Wallan (no final)    ?                                        ?                                   ?

1908                4      Wallan Wallan 4-5      Kilmore            1-1           Clonbinane                Darraweit Guim

1909                5      Wallan Wallan  (no final) Kilmore                     Darraweit Guim        Donnybrook

1910               4       Kilmore   (no final)     Wallan Wallan                Broadford Indep.       Darraweit Guim

1911                4       Broadford Indep.  (no final) Darraweit Guim Wallan Wallan            Kilmore

1912                4      Darraweit Guim  5-7    Lancefield        4-6         Romsey                        Kilmore

1913                4       (Wallan Wallan & Broadford Indep *)            Kilmore Juniors         Darraweit Guim

* the Premiership was withheld after 3 finals (all won by Broadford Independents) and numerous Protests

1914                4       Wallan Wallan (no final)Kilmore Juniors        Darraweit Guim         Wandong

1915**            4       Wallan Wallan           College (Kilmore)           Wandong                    Beveridge

                 ** the  season was abandoned after round 8 (last 4 rounds and Final were not played)


Association Office Bearers

Year         Association                    President                                                             Sec/Treas                        

1904   Central Dalhousie                      ?                                                                            ?

1904   Broadford Shire                 Cr A Sutherland                           NV McLeod –Sec   JM Mc Neill – Treas

Vice PresidentE Doherty

1905   Central Dalhousie                      ?                                                                             ?

1906   Central Mernda                 Percy Bidstrup (Broadford Ind.)         W McDonald – Sec/Treas

                                  Vice Presidents – PA Harrington & WH Rhoden (Kilmore),

                                  FW Patch (Broadford), ME Tresize & TE Balmer (Reedy Creek)

1907   Central Dalhousie                     ?                                                                               ?

1907   Wallan District                          ?                                                                               ?

1908   Central Mernda                        ?                                                                               ?

1909   Central Mernda                        ?                                                                               ?

1910   Central Mernda                        ?                                                                                ?

1911   Central Mernda                  GB Good                                                   W H Sugden (Kilmore)  Sec/Treas

1912   Dalhousie                            Mark Foy (Lancefield)                           J Hanrahan (Kilmore) Sec/Treas

      Vice Presidents – WH Sugden, A Lobb (Darraweit Guim) V White (Lancefield), J Frawley (Romsey)

1913   Midland                              Thomas Dykes (Wallan Wallan)          J Grills (Wallan Wallan)  Sec/Treas

1914   Midland                              Thomas Dykes (Wallan Wallan)          J Grills (Wallan Wallan)  Sec/Treas

1915   Midland                              Thomas Dykes (Wallan Wallan)          J Grills (Wallan Wallan)  Sec/Treas

                    Vice Presidents – Br. Brendan (College), J Carson (Wallan Wallan), 

                    JA Harper (Wandong), J Dew (Beveridge)


1919   Central Mernda                 J Morrissey (Kilmore)                          _ Lincoln (Kilmore) – Sec

Dick  Smith (Kilmore) – Treas

 Vice Presidents – A Burns (Broadford), AH Pratt (Wallan), J Kelly (College)


The Great War had so much decimated the Wallan Wallan FC and its members that post the 1915 season, the Wallan club in ‘itself’ only reformed on 5 occasions over the next 31 years, and in three of those seasons they were to finish at the foot of the table.   The only other way Wallan could find sufficient players in this period was to combine with other teams, which it found itself having to do on several occasions ie Midland Rovers (1927-30) , Wallan East & District (1933-34) and with Donnybrook in 1940. 

There would also be a 63 year gap from 1914 until 1977, before the Wallan FC would win another Senior football premiership – when they defeated Broadford in the Second Division Grand-Final of the Riddell District Football League.


Per the many missing names from the five WWFC photos printed within here – two of the unnamed players possibly includes D McBain (b 1889) who played all his football at the Wallan Wallan club and J Bourke as well.


Any additional information or corrections are welcome to be contributed, and may be submitted on The Golden Era to


Reference Sources used – State Library of Victoria, Australian War Memorial, Kilmore Free Press, Kilmore Examiner, The Broadford Courier, The Argus, The Age, The Sporting Globe, The Herald, The Winner,  The Encylopedia of League Footballers (Nain & Holmesby), The VFA Project,, Brendan Stockdale (dec), Photos from the McCarthy Family collection, Boyles Photos, Richard Cooper ( Admin),

Additionally a reader in Andrea Phipps has contributed by adding the name of William Hallet Stockdale to the 1911 Wallan Wallan FC photograph