October 19, 2021

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Streets of Wallara Waters

Streets of Wallara Waters

The Wallara Waters Hauntings

Wallara Waters. A relatively new estate in the town of Wallan and where during the day things are quiet and peaceful. The perfect place to raise a young family. But at night, for some residents, the estate takes on a fearful and sinister turn.

Window blinds moving from a breeze that does not exist, a man with a hat sitting in the corner of bedrooms, objects thrown across the room, strange voices and footsteps, electronic toys mysteriously turning on, a young girl appearing in the hallway and then disappearing, drawers and doors being opened – these are all events that have been witnessed by those living in the estate and not just by one single person.

“I don’t believe in ghosts”, you say. “They are the figment of an over-imaginative mind and any events can be explained by logical means.”

Perhaps dear reader, perhaps. But the following accounts and videos from residents of Wallara Waters may just convince you to change your mind. Names have been changed to protect their identity.

Kylie – Wallara Waters Boulevard – close to Buckland Hill Drive roundabout
“Heard the front door open & slam shut. Usual routine, adult goes straight to loo & out the garage for a smoke. I’m at back end of house cooking, kids with me. Heard adult voices thinking friends had come around to. Heard garage door shut assuming they went out to the back. After about 15 mins I said to kids did you hear the front door earlier & people talking. They all said yes but I couldn’t hear anyone in garage or out the back yard. So I go investigate. No one in front room, garage or out back, go check out the front incase they went out garage. Ok then get a phone call, I asked where they were, did you leave again. They said NO I’m still at work. I have a heavy timber door that makes a particular sound when shutting & all 4 of us heard it, heard people talking & garage door shut.”

“My youngest now 6 years old is very in tune with spirit world, she is a bit scared atm though. Anyway since she was young she would say there were fairy in her room etc looking out for us. Then she started talking all the time like she’s playing with someone with her toys. Now she is still doing it, she plays on the Xbox and toys, constantly talks like she is talking to someone playing a game with her. This is everyday, my other kids ask me who she is talking to.”

Mary – Greenvale Avenue
“When we first moved in I was repeatedly seeing a dark shadow near the end of my kitchen bench. My daughter also came and asked me if she could use my bathroom because ‘the black thing was watching her’ and making her feel uncomfortable.”

Amelia – Greenvale Avenue
“Omg, my husband thought I was crazy. I hear subtle random noises quite often, so subtle that I usually give it the benefit of the doubt and dismiss them as the house moving. But then the other night, my husband, two year old and I were laying in bed and my two year old was hyper (not the scary part, just setting the scene). He was jumping around, laughing, playing and just having a good time. I said to him, “Isaac, you need to go to sleep now,” and, as all two year olds do, he just continued to play without showing any signs of tiredness. So maybe 5min later, at the most, I said again, “Isaac, come on, time to sleep”. This is where it got creepy. From jumping around and laughing, he froze, silently, looked to the back of the room without any emotion on his face, slowly lifted his arm, pointing to the back wall and almost instantly afterwards dropped and fell asleep. My husband, who does not believe in this sort of stuff, freaked out. He’s never done anything like that since. But omg, I’ll never forget it”

Peter – On the Boulevard near Blue Lake Drive
“Since we moved into this place things have been so strange that even I, a skeptic of the worst kind (I am very scientific and only usually rely on things that can be measured and quantified), have started to question the existence of things beyond our comprehension. Since we moved in, I have often experienced strange and unusual occurrences between 2 and 3.30 in the morning. I am very much a night owl, and have had our daughter, 2, wake up at that tdoorsime most nights. I put that down to routine, she started waking up hungry at that time for a bottle. It wasn’t until the manner in which she woke up changed, often shouting “get out”, “go away” or “leave me”. I tried to explain it away, blaming it on our son who would often wake up in the wee hours and put on the TV.

With me spending a lot of nights up past midnight I kept an eye out, positioning myself to see his door and make sure he was in bed. Still, the waking and cries to leave her alone continued. Another thing that frequently occurs is the kids’ toys setting off at random. In those times at night, the toys in the playroom would just set off at random, even when I could swear blind that they had been switched off. Storybooks that needed pages to turn to activate them would start their nursery rhymes, or a dancing Llama would start jiggling itself off the shelf. A few times I would jump out of my skin, my hair standing on end and my heart racing. A few times I have been walking through the house and hit a pocket of frigid air, cold enough to give you goosebumps.

Last week was an interesting one, my eldest daughter claimed to see a man holding something as she woke up in the night, she put her sleeping mask back on out of fear and lifted it moments later to find nothing. I have seen shadows, sat in a room with a laptop the only light source, and something dark catches the corner of my periphery. Our Bulldog started snarling and barking one night as we were doing the rounds and checking on all the kids before bed. Right outside the girl’s bedroom. Before this place, I would have written off these things as coincidence, draughts and an active imagination. Now, even I have my questions.

My 3y.o daughter had an experience last night, came in at 2.45 telling us she saw the “naughty man” in our son’s cot across the room and couldnt kick him to tell him to go away. She said she turned our light on to make him leave us alone.”

Vivienne – Barossa Terrace
“I have been wondering this for 6 years now! I was assuming that because the estate of Wallara waters is “new” compared to many other places that I was mistaken.  The dark shadow that looks like a person from the side of your head is what I see the most. But when you turn, there is nothing there. I hear children calling out when I’m in my room at the back of the house, but when I go to check, my own kids look at me like I’m crazy because they haven’t called out. That’s happened a lot. I have found 1 cent and 2 cent coins in the house, yet I’ve not owned any. Lights have been turned on when I’m not home for me to find upon return.

The most unsettling thing is the constant feeling that I’m not alone. It gets to the point that I won’t sit with my back to the room or doorways. My son actually refuses to sleep in his bedroom because he has seen a black man with a hat staring at him at night. (He was 7 when this started). I told him to “ask in his mind for our dog that had passed away to protect him and he would be ok.” “That is how my son explained the man he saw. My son told me he didn’t speak to him at all. And he could not see the mans face either.

Jeanette – Cardinia Place
“So we’ve been here for over 10 years. Our son who was 5 when we moved here would often say he couldn’t sleep because there was a man looking in window. It got to a point where we moved him from room to another after many sleepless nights. One night he fell asleep with his dad so I slept in his room, I woke to someone yelling out mum. It sounded like a female child but I thought it must have been my son, I got up to find he was sound asleep still next to his dad. Freaked me out as the voice was very clear. Needless to say I left the light on. On other ocasions we have had odd things happen in the house i.e shower still wet at end of day as if someone has just had a shower and weve been out all day and the scariest was the day I looked up in the hallway and the manhole was wide open. Needless to say after police investigated they said it must have been the wind. This lead me to investigate deaths in the area such as a family killed in a plane that left wallara waters. Ive also had family stay saying they were kept awake by strange noises at the window. But the funniest occasion was when my skeptic husband was in my son’s bedroom and came running down to our room because he heard a girls voice call out mum. He is no longer a skeptic. Also when our dog passed our son wanted his ashes in his bedroom, so my husband placed Milo on the shelf and came back in later to find the bed pushed up against the wall. Raelatives have now given us sage for the house.”

Scarlett – Stanton Street
“We had our garage door keep opening on us as well the entrance to our place and have heard a young girls voice call mummy my oldest daughter heard it to this was awhile back and i didnt have my younger one home at the time. I’m a little in tune with this stuff i have my house covered in crystal and burn sage and insence constantly and currently studying reiki but the draw freaked me out. The first times it was happening i was sitting on the bed with my phone looking for something and im like something trying to get my attention my neighbough spotted there is finger print in the middle if u look closer looks smudgey almost like they just open it with a finger.”

Zoey – Stanton Street
“We have a house ghost named ‘Norman’, we had Paranormal Victoria come out to us, our daughter has seen this guy a few times (not for a while now) he had a top hat, wore all black, black jacket, skinny, pointy shoes, he would creep around then just disappear in our house. He never looked at her. My daughter was a twin, we lost her twin before it was born, the ghost that hangs out at our house is named ‘Norman’ but seems to be a child, doing silly things, plays with stuff in my daughters room, turns her TV on, opens draws, but she saw that guy in black about 3-4 times, we still don’t know much, but this area seems to have a lot of activity.”

Hannah – Cascade Avenue
“It’s interfering with the kids (well I think.. hard to no with a 2 year old) & playing tricks with me (opening doors that IV shut) – also giving me nightmares! I feel like I’m being watched at times and feel rushes of cold going past me. I would have been a bit skeptic prior this experience.”

Addison – Cascade Avenue
“My 3yo son tells me that he’s seen a girl crying outside his bedroom window and that there was a man in his room.”

Johanna – Cascade Avenue
“For a while I felt like I had been watched. Especially in the corner of my eye – seeing some black flashes go past. Then when I look properly – they disappear. Sometimes I’m a little confused as thoughts go through my head like ” I thought I closed that door?” , “Why is that light on?”, “The oven shouldn’t be on!” Or ,”why is that toy playing sounds?” But I always thought there was an alternate meaning other then “ghosts. Although I did get pretty spooked at times thinking it was ghosts.

I wasn’t certain that it was ghosts until my son started to talk about some very strange things. He came to me running and crying, I asked him what’s wrong? Cuddling him. He began saying he seen a ghost. “Mummy there’s a ghost! I seen it walking into the bathroom!” He was hysterical.  He also said “I know that you and Xavier (5 yr old) can’t see it, but I know that Jamie(6mo at the time) can see it! I noticed that Jake was colouring in a picture. I said “aw that’s nice! What are you drawing?” He begun by saying “That’s my friend, the ghost”. I noticed he used the word “friend” , I was confused. He was apparently scared of this ghost but now his saying friend. Maybe it was someone that’s passed in the family. I asked wanting to know more “is this ghost your friend, so you like the ghost?” He said “I like him and sometimes I don’t like him”. Hearing him say that gave me goosebumps.

Upon cleaning one night when the kids where in bed, I was stacking up some things putting them away. I left it and attended to something else for a bit. About an hour went past. I heard a very loud noise! My husband went to check on what it was… And it was everything I stacked scattered everywhere on the floor. That’s when we looked at each other and said “yes someone does have to cleanse our home”

Lucy – Cascade Avenue
“First off my in-laws live on the boulevard. Before I moved into the estate i would spend every weekend here, at their house I would hear footsteps at night while everyone was asleep. There would be orbs floating around the house. One night my partner, his sister and I were all in the lounge watching a movie when we heard what sounded like the kitchen cupboard doors open. Its an open plan house so from the couch we could see the kitchen and we were completley alone. We did a sweep of the house and could not find what had made that noise. Another time my mother-in-law saw a blonde girl walk from the front door straight into her bedroom. She chased the girl into the room only to find it was empty. Another night we had a family dinner there, my partner, our brother-in-law and myself were sitting on one couch where we saw a black shadow jump from one side of the room to the other. It made like a swish noise.

Now we live on cascade ave. When we first moved in activity was crazy here. A clock I hung on one wall ended up a good 10 meters away in a living room face up still ticking and the mark left on the wall as if someone got a greylead and drew an semi circle on the wall. I would also hear footsteps through the house when home alone.

Also had a hand print left on the shower window. It was a large left hand with what looked like a dislocated pinky. We have had lights flicker on and off and knocks on front doors and side doors at the same time.

So I work nights. This happened summer 2018/2019. It had been a hot day, the cats and i were fighting for the best spot on the bed under the aircon. I was struggling to sleep due to daylight savings, listening to kids playing in the street outside our bedroom and the heat!! I finally feel asleep and it was that dead sleep where you dont move. I remember waking up thinking I had overslept. I grabbed my phone and checked the time and it was only 11pm. The next thing I remember is being on back and not being able to move at all. It was as if my arms and legs became stone. Both cats started staring at the door all puffed up in little fur balls and then they took off, their feet not gathering grip on the floor. I looked up and was this old lady above me. She had long black hair that was falling down. She had no eyes and a black gaping hole for a mouth. She wanted me to scream but I wasn’t going to. I was pissed off that she had woken me up. She was trying to put her fingers in my mouth and i couldn’t move away. In my head as loud and angry as I could I told her to F off and i needed to sleep. She back off a little bit. Her fingers went touching me. This time I could move my head to the side and again I told her to go away i needed sleep for work. I managed to move my head to my side and I went to sleep. Later that night when I woke up the cats would not come into our bedroom”

Evelyn – Samson Brook Drive
“Myself, partner and 2 kids moved here coming on 3 years now. We have had some freaky things go on in the house.When we first moved in here my daughter was only 2 and she would constantly look down our Hall way and wave to someone when we would ask who she was waving to she would say the black man at the door. The mind of a 2 year old didn’t worry us to much until the things I started to pick up, there were nights that I would be on the couch and I would hear 3 knocks on my kitchen cupboard door, or head the sound of someone walking down the hallway rattling chains. This went on for quite a few months but then completely stopped. It wasn’t up until a few months ago for a week and a half I couldn’t sleep in my room, my partner thought I was crazy when I told him the things that were happening at night.I was experiencing things I couldn’t explain. I felt like I was being watched from my bedroom door by a dark angry shadow, my body would feel as if I was drowning under water.

I woke one morning to a deep man’s voice saying my name 3 time the last time my name was said it was loud and I woke in absolute panic. My partner was at work and both my kids don’t call me by my real name. One night I’d had enough and told this energy to leave me alone and the next night my partner experienced somethings also, he is not a believer at all (well is now). He too felt the feeling of being drowned, his whole body in shock like someone was there, as he went to turn on the lamp a glass vase on our tv cabinet over the other side of the room fell and smashed on the floor, then as he turned on the lamp our bedroom light on the roof flicked on. The next day the same thing happened again but both of us witnessed this in daylight when we were both in our bedroom so we were freaked out. For the next 3 days we went through 3 light globes in one whole hour, 2 times in a space of a hour when my partner walked into the kitchen the light flickered off and the one in our shed popped as he walked under it. That’s when I lit 3 candles in the house and kindly said that we know you are here and wish you to move on and leave us alone and since then the house has felt calm and free.”

Edward – Mt Eliza Avenue
“I live at the back of Wallara Waters on the freeway side. My wife and I have seen on multiple occasions seen a girl aged roughly between 10 – 15 years old in around our house.”

“I have heaps of things going on in my home also cctv footages, i use to hear a girl call me mum about 12 yrs old.”

“So many things. Blinds always blinds moving , doors always open on their own or close things falling , noises through the night …i assumed my was mother but have been told otherwise its not.”

“I think this post awokened the spirits in my house because we’ve had nothing then last night I had my blind suddenly went half down whilst I was showering (no one awake) and then later on had my hairdryer fall out of the cupboard whilst I was in my bedroom.”

“We have had some weird things going on in the house. One morning we woke up to the letter H on our glass door and have heard a young voice say hi and we don’t have young children in the house. We have heard things fall but there is no sign of any thing on the floors. This has happened a few times. We live in Wallara Waters.”

“Since moving here in 2010 I have had a “shadow” that floats from my hallway towards the front of the house, only ever seen from the corner of my eye. But it happens frequently. On a couple of occasions I have been awoken by a tap on the shoulder from a “smallish” figure only to find that no one is there. Those have really scared me as it is usually when I am on my own.”

“My mum and I often see someone walking back and forth in our kitchen. Mum was staying one night when she was getting her stuff organised when the light turned off in the room she was standing in, which had a two way light switch (the rest of us were in bed.) When we checked the light switches they were both in the off position. I turned the light back on to make sure it wasn’t blown which it definitely wasn’t.”

“Early hours in the morning this morning my partner and I heard a loud crashing sound coming from our ensuite. I woke in a fright then fell back to sleep straight away too tired to keep my eyes open. I woke at 7:30am remembering there was a crashing sound that came from the ensuite so I got up to investigate what it was… this is what I found! Shower door wide open, shower caddy broken and in the middle of the bathroom floor, soaps missing and the shower mat hung on the opposite side to where it’s usually hung. I spoke to my partner about it when he woke up and he said that’s right I remember that crashing noise and then you said in your sleep ‘ I tooooold you that was going to happen, I told yooou I was going to do something to the shower.’ In a really calm teasing voice and then giggled. I’m more creeped out about what I apparently said in my sleep not long after it happened and how I said it than what happened with the shower caddy!”

Should these accounts not be chilling enough, the map below puts the location and amount of the disturbances into perspective.

Location of disturbances in Wallara Waters
Location of disturbances in Wallara Waters

Let’s take a look at a video of a window blind moving without any breeze:

How about another one?

Or perhaps a drawer opening by itself?

The very beginning of the the following video shows the chair turning by itself.

A kitchen utensil moving by itself.

Ghostly mist.

There has to be some kind of explanation right? RIGHT?!?!

 “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” – Sherlock Holmes

So let’s take a look at the some possible explanations and eliminate the impossible ones:

The people living in Wallara Waters have lost the plot. I want some of what they are taking.
Whilst it is probable that some people living in Wallara Waters have misplaced their marbles, it is impossible that everybody witnessing events suffer from this trait, nor would be seeing and experiences events of the same nature. Let’s cross this one off the list.

It is an eloborate hoax fabricated by those living in Wallara Waters.
I have personally witnessed the anxiety and concern in emails and messages sent to myself and those affected are simply seeking an explanation – any explanation! to make sense of what they are experiencing. Whilst some may have jumped on the band wagon and there may be logical explanations for what they have seen or heard, this does not apply to everybody. It’s not April 1st, the accounts above are not from a joint group of jokesters so this explanation isn’t valid either.

Most of those accounts above are from females and they are just scared and imagining things without a male around to protect them.
True, most of the accounts above are from females. But I would also suggest that females as compared to males are more willing to share this type of information. There are many fearless, self sufficient and capable women living in the estate and the presence of a male is not required to make them feel calm or secure. This was a stupid theory to begin with and should never have been considered. Next!

These people are just more tuned into these things and have the ability to communicate and see the dead whereas others cannot. It would happen wherever they live.
Whilst some of the people who have witnessed events may be more open to and tuned into seeing things that others cannot, it is highly unlikely that all those witnessing disturbances have this ability. Wallara Waters isn’t a community full of Mediums, so this explanation isn’t valid either.

There was a freak accident there involving multiple people.
Wallara Waters was farmland prior the development of the estate. There are no records of any accidents occurring involving multiple people. Whilst plausible, it is not the reason for the strange events being witnessed in the estate.

The estate was obviously built upon a graveyard.
Again, Wallara Waters was farmland prior the development of the estate.  There are no record of any graves, cemeteries or burial grounds. Additionally, if they did exist they would have been discovered as the land was dug up as part of developing the estate, and preparing house sites. Whilst plausible, this explanation doesn’t fit here.

The estate is haunted by people who used to live there.
This is possibly the most plausible theory and is one of the most accepted explanations for ghosts, hauntings and disturbances. So let’s take a look at who used to own the land and where they lived. The below image shows a side by side comparison of the Wallara Waters estate today and in the 1850’s. The blue line on the right hand side map depicts the Hume Freeway. The houses within the Wallara Waters estate today are located on the land owned by W. T. Mollison, Michael Ryan, Hugh Swann and William Macleod. 

Wallara Waters today vs Wallra Waters 1800's
Wallara Waters today vs Wallara Waters 1800’s

There is no record of W. T. Mollison, Michael Ryan or Hugh Swann ever living upon their parcels of land and instead used it for farming purposes purposes only. William Macleod later purchased their land and named the property “Macs’field”. The Macleod family lived in a bluestone house 2kms to the south. “Mac’sfield” was later purchased by the McFarlane (1965-1968) and Righetti families (1968 onwards) who lived in the same bluestone house. The members of these families lived long lives and therefore do not fit the descriptions of some of the young children seen. People who have not yet crossed to the other side after their passing commonly remain in the house they lived in. The houses of the Wallara Waters estate today are not built over the site of any previous houses which existed in the vicinity and it appears that the entities are aware of and confining themselves the boundaries of the new houses. So it would not appear that man with the hat, the young blonde girl or the boy known as “Norman” are not from this area in the past and this theory also does not hold.

Another final theory
I therefore submit to you another and final possible explanation. In some haunted locations, researchers have measured magnetic fields that are stronger than normal or which exhibit unusual fluctuations. It has been suggested that these magnetic fields can be produced by rock strain and are more common near geological faults.
The website paranormalandscience.weebly.com reports that:

A scientist named Friedemann Freund has put forward the suggestion that electrical charges could be induced to flow by applying unusual pressure turning them into semi conductors. When the rocks are temporarily into semiconductors holes, (positively charged discontinuities) can flow rapidly through the rocks and might even reach the surface. The charges are conducted around underground both by rocks and water.”

Pressure. Rocks. Water. The elements required for a magnetic or electro-magnetic field which is prevalent in haunted locations. Are any of these common with Wallara Waters? What if I said all of them are? The houses in the Wallara Waters estate reside on blocks 18, 19 and 26 in the map below.

Greenhill - once a volcano
Greenhill – once a volcano

To the west of Wallara Waters lies GreenHill and which once a volcano. Wallara Waters is built upon swampland (Herne’s Swamp lies in close vicinity) and the estate is often jokingly referred to as Wallara Underwaters. There is also an abundant supply of rocks from when GreenHill was active and erupted. Could it be possible that the combination of all 3 is the cause of a disturbance in the Earth’s energies and to which supernatural presences may be attracted to? But even so, if we were to entertain the idea this could not possibly be the only location on the earth where this occurs. So what is special about Wallara Waters? This perhaps out of all the questions being asked is the easiest to answer.

In the movie “The sixth sense” Cole Sear (played by Haley Joel Osment) famously utters “I see dead people.” And there is absolutely no doubt that some residents of Wallara Waters are also seeing dead people. In the movie, Cole is haunted by dead people and is terrified. Yet we later learn that Cole overcomes his fear once he realises that all  those haunting him require is his help. Entities such as the man with the hat and children have been reported as being seen in Wallara Waters yet seem to without malice and there is no feeling of “black magic” or evil. Even whilst the “man with the hat” is scary in appearance, his lack of actionis not harmful.  As for the window blinds and the throwing of a clock, perhaps this is merely out of frustration that the entities are not being acknowledge or heard? And we have also seen that when residents have calmly asked those haunting them to leave, they have done so peacefully. For the supernatural presences drawn to Wallara Waters all that they may require is assistance so they can make their way to the light, so they too can be with their loved ones.

And who better to help them do so than the caring and loving families who live in Wallara Waters?

Well, that’s the warm and fuzzy take on the subject and the one I would like to run with. Yet, growing up with a religious background the subject of ghosts, apparitions, and hauntings is controversial amongst Christians. The Christian worldview does not allow for ghosts haunting the earth. One may therefore argue that I have invalided Christian beliefs and to entertain the idea of them existing is dangerous given “Christians should be cautious and not delve too deeply into it.” However, the above accounts and experiences are from reliable people and there are just too many occurrences to deny the existence of the paranormal. So how can those with a religious background and practising Christianity reconcile their beliefs with what is occurring here in Wallara Waters?

The most popular theory to explain ghosts is that they are the spirits of humans who have died, but not yet “crossed over” to heaven or hell; ghosts are “earth-bound” spirits of the dead, who, for some reason or another, are trapped here on earth after death. Yet Hebrews 9:27 says that after a person dies they face judgement and the outcome of this judgement is either heaven (2 Corinthians 5:6-8; Philippians 1:23) or hell (Matthew 25:46; Luke 16:22-24). That seems reasonably clear. Once a person dies they either go to heaven or hell; they don’t wander around scaring the wits out of people as we have seen in Wallara Waters.

So it is here that it appears we have a direct contravention. However, the Bible does teach that there are spirits who can enter our physical world and that these are Angels and Demons, not those who have died. Angels are clearly righteous and good whilst Demons are evil and deceptive with the ability to cause mischief and scare the people who encounter them. 2 Corinthians 11:14 teaches us that Satan “masquerades as an angel of light”. In Isaiah 13:21 were learn “But wild beasts of the Desert shall lie there; and their houses shall be full of doleful creatures; and owls shall dwell there, and Satyrs shall dance there.” where doleful means shrieking or howling creatures and a satryr is half man, half goat.

Therefore, for anybody religious and living a Christian life, it isn’t wrong to believe in ghosts or paranormal experiences and doing so does not invalidate your beliefs. And it is ok to research such information and ask questions, and perhaps to even write about other peoples experiences. But for what comfort this brings, it is outweighed by a truly terrifying thought: The seemingly harmless (but still scary to some) events in Wallara Waters are caused nothing more than demons.

The innocent boy and girl seen are devils masquerading as angels, tricking us, fooling us, and deceiving us. Is all that I have been written above instead a ploy for them to be further publicised and as a means for them to enter unaffected peoples’ lives? It’s definitely possible, just as reasonable to think of them being people who have not yet crossed over who need our assistance. And that scares the hell out of me.


No doubt, some of you who have read this article are still sceptical of any of these events occurring at all. These things just don’t happen to normal people, and you’re a normal person. Well, to some extent that is true, they do not happen to normal people – until they do. The people to whom these events are occurring are not crazy, nor should they be considered as such. What is occurring to them occurs no differently than the way in which a child is struck down with cancer. The same way in which a groom loses his bride in a freak accident just before they are married. The same way in which a member of a family is murdered. Sometimes there just are no explanations and events which occur are above our comprehension.

But what if Wallara Waters is rampant with demons? What if by accepting their existence it brings even more and to places further than just Wallara Waters? Well, for starters, this article could be removed and all emails, messages, Facebook posts and comments, photos and videos deleted. However, there is a simpler solution. We can instead use what we know and have learnt to become better people. Perhaps all that is in play at Wallara Waters is not meant to be understood, but instead to be observed and learnt from. Perhaps a higher force greater than any Demon is asking  us to be kinder,  more understanding, to help those in need and to bring light where there is darkness and outweigh any bad or evil with goodness and love.

This, I believe is the true reason for the compelling desire to write and complete this article and nothing otherwise.

Have you had any strange evens occur where you live? Perhaps you live in Wallara Waters and are also experiencing similar events? If so, add a comment and let us know.