January 22, 2022

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Vegetable soup

vegetable soup

Dining with Wallan’s Pioneers

I’ve often heard chefs on those TV cooking shows talk about how closely food is involved in our memories.

It’s very true. If you think back to a special time in your life, there is probably a food link there. Family BBQs or kids parties. Wedding celebrations. The food your parents and grandparents prepared for you.

That’s where the idea for this little book came from.

So many people have been asking about old Wallan and what it was like to live there. “Tell us a story!”
I asked for people who’d lived in Wallan a long time, or who had family with roots here, to share their special memories with me so they could be assembled into one little volume.
Here it is.

Cover_ Dining with the Pioneers

This is a collection of reminiscences along with the precious family recipe which tied in with the memory.

I’ve called this Version 1 because there are more people who hope to contribute. If they do, or if there is something YOU would like to add, we will do an updated version.

This may be a volume which gets bigger and bigger over time. I hope it does.

I want to thank everyone who shared their memories with us.


I hope I haven’t missed anyone.

If you’d like to have a look at the book, you can download a copy by clicking here or on the photo.

I hope you enjoy the little book and if you’d like to have something included, contact us via the Wallan Wallan Historical Group Facebook page.