July 25, 2021

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Copyright Notice

It is understandable that a collection of intriguing articles is a tempting target for others to copy – but it undermines the countless hours and labour spent in the research – and does direct harm to our writers. It is also illegal as per Australian copyright laws.

Acceptable Uses

Articles are allowed to be shared. This can include an excerpt and/or image, as long as you link back to the original article.

You may include lengthy excerpts from articles provided you wrap the excerpts in quote and a cite the source, and you don’t reproduce too much of the text.

If you are using the text for a personal project – such as printing a copy for yourself or a friend, that’s ok as long as you don’t distribute it to more than three people.

If you want to share more than an excerpt, and none of the exceptions above apply to your intended use, it shall need to be discussed. To seek permission send an email to team@oldplaces.com.au or via the contact form with the details of the intended application. If you are a money-making enterprise some kind of reasonable compensation is expected.

Unacceptable Uses

Apart from the above exceptions, you may not reuse substantial sections of any of our articles without permission. If you do so, action will be taken to prevent it.

Lawyers have been consulted in the making of this page.

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